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  • I did the FLM in 2004 and trained for 6 months prior to that, never had knee problems during or after that. Since then ive played football twice a week. Im now training for the GNR after a 2 year absence from running, I did a 10m run 4 weeks ago and after 5 miles got severe pains in both knees, if i stopped to walk/stretch it would go but upon starting again the pain would return makingh the last 5 miles sheer hell!... the follwoing week I tried again with the same results. I rested for a week and went out last night for a short 4m run but after just 2/3 miles the pain started to kick in.. this is worrying me now.. could this just be trainers?... ive started using asics this time which i thought were the best but i cant think it could be anything else?.. my ruuning style hasnt changed, and legs are pretty well built, and have always stayed fit?.. Started taking the cod liver oil tablets two weeks ago after a recommendation but no use...HELP?
  • I have been running for years without any problems but this year after a 6 month lay off I have started having problems in my knees.

    I dont get pain while running but for a couple of days after I could be very sore to the point that even stairs were a problem.

    I stopped running for about 2 months while I did cross trainning and improved the strenth in my legs. I also bought the best running shoes I could afford.

    Started running again building my distance slowly and using the running machine and my knee problem is back!!

    Resting 3-4 days between runs seems to help but I just cant understand why this problem as just started. What more can I do, I love to run and would hate to think I might have to give it up.
  • Darren... sounds like a very similar scenario to whats happening to me... I never did find the cause but a freind recommended taking glucosemine tablets, been taking them two weeks and so far things seem to be improving.. touch wood!... might be worth a try?..
  • What an interesting thread. I have had problems with my knees for about 20 years, but always of the minor niggle variety - never enough to stop me.

    I started long distance walking and had a problem with my left knee after about 10 miles on each walk. A podiatrist made me up some orthotics and they worked a treat. I did an 11 day walk doing between 18 and 22 miles each day and have no problems whatsoever.

    Then I ran the South Downs Marathon and have had problems ever since. I laid off running for about 6 weeks after the marathon, but when I started back my knees just got worse and worse. If I run more than a couple of miles I spend the next 5 days struggling up and down stairs in great pain, can't sit with my knees bent and certainly could not get up from a squat.

    I am strengthening the quads and that seems to be helping, but it is very slow.

    I think I'll try some of the supplements suggested in this thread.

    I'm doing a 10k next week. I don't want to drop out, but I might have to.
  • I did the great North Run on sunday, the 1st 4 miles was great but then the dreaded knee pain kicked in and MAN was it hell.. i finished the run but it was sheer pain from 4m onwards, i tried painkillers to no effect.. the pain was in both knees with a burning sensation coming in then going away then coming in again... it was awful!!.. didnt want to start walking as i wanted it over with asap!.

    ws a bit sore on monday but played football last night (Thurs) and was fine?.. its weird..
  • I am rebuilding after a locked knee episode- just escaped an arthroscopy. Initially had & weeks ( aaagh) rest from running etc. Was allowed to swim, but being a rubbish swimmer of very little brain did some of that breaststroke. Subsequently discovered that breast stroke is a very bad idea for knee injuries...
    Am now doing squats, lunges, cross trainer and leg extension (very light weights) and gentle return to running, at last
  • I have knee niggles/pains in the days following my training runs. But by keeping a log I have be able to track whats helps the problem and what makes it worse. These have been my break throughs so far.....

    1. If your knees are still sore dont run. In fact ensure you have a pain free day a full day before your next run. If you need an extra rest day, then take it.
    2. Going for a long walk after the run seems to help. Anything around the 30 minute mark.
    3. Sitting in a cold bath (min 12 minutes) and using knee wraps for a couple of days after the runs seem to speed up recovery.
    4. Only up running distance 10% every week.
    5.Glucosamine (1500mg), omega oil supplements seem to help.
    6. Limit amount of road running you do.
    7. Keep a running log that tracks how you feel in the days between runs. This way you can revise and amend your own program.If it is not working then change things.
    8. Leg stengthening can help but be careful not to over do and reduce recovery to your knees between runs too much.

    Hope this helps and you in turn will make further break throughs.
  • I have been troubled by a weakness in my right side ( I am completely left-handed, left-footed, etc). Last year I had an ankle problem that required surgery. I came back from that and ran happily for 2 to 3 months until I began to get pain on the lower right side of my right knee. I was ok until I ran downhill but after that the pain didn't go away. I stopped running for about 6 or 7 weeks (I did no exercising at all) and then started running again and the knee was fine. Over Christmas I developed the same problem and now each time I run more than about 15 minutes I suffer a lot of pain. The following day walking downstairs is painful but walking upstairs or on the falt is no problem.

    Does anybody have any suggestions?
    Thank you
  • I don't know if this is the correct place to post this but I am a 14 year old male, Indian, following a vegetarian diet (not eating egg but drinking milk and other stuff), I have suffered from knee pains for a long while now a few years at the least they do not constantly hurt but I am constantly aware of the feeling in my knees it feels as though they are very fragile and loose in the socket and when I crouch down my knees crack (It does not hurt but its annoying, worrying and my knees feel good once I have cracked them like that I also have problems with my ankles shins wrists and elbows (the elbows being at the bottom of the list. My wrists feel like they will break when I give them a little squeeze I study Tae Kwon Do I am pretty flexible also I am pretty built I am broad, tall, fit I have big forearms and tiny wrists big upper arms, pecks etc, but my joints worry me. My wrists hurt when I punch something or put a little pressure on them they are one of the weakest of my joints along with my ankles and (I know they aren't joints but shins) My ankles and shins work together to hurt me they hurt after everything, I come home from school they hurt I go for a walk and come back they hurt after exercise they KILL e.g. after tae kwon do, running, P.E a little bit of sport (even playing basketball for 10 minutes) Also my back I have had problems with this for a long time but the doctor and the x ray machine assures me there is nothing wrong with my (lower) back after going shopping it hurts after sports it hurts sometimes after sitting a lil weirdly it hurts and I can crack it extremely loud by turning to my left and right after I have clicked it it feels heavenly along with my knees. Everything except my ankles feels good after I have stretched em off a bit. WHAT THE HELL SHOULD I DO ABOUT ALL THIS?
  • I follow a pretty decent diet with the odd bit of junk food here and there aaargh image ask me questions and Ill happily answer them anything about my lifestyle that cud help let me know.
  • Find the steepest hill or mountain near you with the least friendly terrain - the sort where your feet will be at all angles. Walk slowly up it and slowly down with an exaggerated stride so that each leg/knee works hard - do it as often as you can
    Wear flat shoes for off roading so you brain can work the requires muscles efficiently, concentrate on pronating.
    Buy flatter shoes and have your back at 90' to the surface on flat surfaces so you pad your step better.
    Finally keep your tri-bands stretched by rolling the side of your thigh down to your knee over
    piece of log - this will keep your knee cap tracking ok.
    These together will cure most knee issues.
  • I am 36 years old I have been running for about 1 1/2 years now.  I have always been very active tho.  When I first started I had terrible ITB syndrome , coming from my left hip, down to my mid outer thigh.  It even hurt when I walked for a while.  I slowed down the training for a month or so (did other cardio), then began again. I did lots of leg strengthening excercises & lots of stretches, which really seamed to help.  However, over the last month, I have had pain in my left knee & twinges in my right.  This usually comes on after 2k & can disappear, but not always.  It isn't sore to touch & doesn't swell up or feel hot.  The pain feels like it is just below the cap, at the top of the shin. 

    I usually run between 20-30k per week (5ks, 6ks or 10ks) & walk about 20k in additiion.  I've tried slowing up, not doing as much, but am really worried that I can't get over this.  I have also started taking codliver oil tablets (so lets hope they help too).  I got some PT advice & was told that it's just my bones/muscles adapting to more running ?

    Any ideas would be great, thanks x

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    Over-striding and heel-striking result in a lot of knee stress. If that's you then shorten your stride, increase your cadence, and land on your forefoot ... it completely sorted out my knees.

  • Hi folks, I've recently turned 30 and I'm trying to get back into running but I'm having some knee issues. Almost immediately when I start running my knees audibly click to the point where I can hear them with headphones in, and continue until I stop. I can only manage about 4 miles before i feel I must be doing damage to continue. I originally noticed this a couple of years ago when running upto 10-15 miles but had to stop due to a foot injury. I spend most of my time on my feet at work going up and down stairs. Can anyone suggest a treatment/ exercises? I'm concerned I'm causing damage to my knees but really don't want to give up running!

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