OK I'm looking for ideas on how I can run through a cloud of flies without letting any of them commit suicide down my throat.

Last two days they have seen me coming, packed a stretch of the single track road between two 10 ft hedges and then dive bomb my face!

I caught one between my lips today and spat it out but 30 secs later one got through the defenses.

So come on how do I avoid this problem, any constructive answer gratefully received.


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    They tend to gather in swarms up here, so I have adopted the approach of charging them, head down, eyes shut (it hurts when you get one in the eye while wearing contacts) and teeth clenched. Any that are heading straight for you hit off the top of your head, and very few fly with a vertical trajectory, so both mouth and nose escape unmolested.

    Still trying to find a method that works for cycling. "Eyes shut" aint good..........
  • I'm glad to find I'm not alone. Yes there are sheep in the fields either side of the hedges, and often proof of them being moved down the road as well, and now I feel really bad about eating them.

    Actually its the impact as they hit the back of the throat on the intake of air that really makes me gag.

    Nessie - I don't think I could do the blind thing when running let alone cycling.
  • I just hold my breath, or breath through my nose only if the cloud is too massive. I'm sure I must scrunch up my eyes too, as I wear contact lenses, and it's just disgusting to find dead flies near my eyes when I'm finished running.
  • Flies don't bother me - I'm sure I've swallowed worse things in my time - but I didn't enjoy it when a wasp got itself trapped behind my specs and stung me on the nose during a run a few weeks ago.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Nessie,
    I shall carry that image with me from now on!

    I sometimes run with a vegan who tries to remove any flies unharmed.
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