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  • I'm back safe and sound - Managed to do 4.89 miles at an average pace of 10:43 min/mile according to my good friend and partner Garmin.
    Think I overdid it on the outward run though as am absolutley k*******d now. Had to cut the run short as had to collect two of the other grandkids from creche and now have them with me for the rest of the day - no rest for the wicked.
    Had hoped to do a gentle 3 miles tomorrow and try a couple of hours on Saturday or Sunday, but will have to take it a lot slower I think.
    By the way FBGF - there's one person who's definitely slower than us - the man in the diving suit!!!!!!!!
    Was put off using the GYR pace group after last year's experience, but might give it another try as am definitely in better shape this time and should be able to keep up okay. It would be great to do under 5:30 and the good thing about being with the group is you're not on your own as you soon get chatting to the others.
    Now off for a shower and hopefully the little ones with have a nap so grandma can have one too!!
    I've just opened my post and my registration form has arrived.
    My number is 11866 which means I will be starting at the Blue start. Probably from pen 9 as that's the slowest pen number and that's where the GYR group will be.
    Anyone else got theirs yet?
    When's everyone registering. I'll be going along on the Saturday and staying overnight in London. It wasn't bad at all last year. Got there around lunchtime and was straight up to the desk for my pack.
    Don't forget to indulge in the Pasta Party. It's really good value.
  • Hi guy, and a big congratulations to you Lyndylou.

    I'm new to running and this will be my first marathon. I'm doing a mixture of the novice and intermediate plan. Started training around last November, however, been bugged with knee problems and I hate to say it, having trouble giving up the horrid cigarettes. Managed to do the Berkhamsted half marathon a few weeks ago with a time of 2hour 29mins. My furthest run (with a lot of walk breaks) was about a month ago and I managed to do 15.5 miles.

    I was hoping for a sub 4 FLM when I started however, that is out of the window, so I'm now just aiming to get around in one piece and hopefully enjoy the experience.

    I got my race number last night too. I'm 43691. So I'm at the red start I think. The reality of it all is now setting in and starting to get very nervous. I hope we will all get round!
  • 2 Sheds - you can always start with the run/walk "get you round" pace and if you feel great at 15 or 20 miles pass all those who went off too fast. You can always get quicker but if you burn out too soon it will be really demorolising having other pass you.

    The father of one of my colleagues ran the London Marathon a few years back - 13 miles in 1 hour 55 (fastest ever 13 miles) and finished the whole race in 5 hours 30.

  • I agree with Shirl - it feels really good all the time you are passing other people. One good reason to start at the back. It's also really demoralising when everyone starts passing you and the marshalls are clearing everything away as you go past. Especiallly when the "drop out bus" is travelling along side you!
    Start slow and gradually build up depending on how you feel.
    One good tip I find works - take a Pro Plus 2 hours before the start, another one about an hour before and then carry dextrose tablets and suck a couple of those very 2-3 miles washed down with plenty of water. That's what I did when I did 5:20, but forgot about it all til this year and it worked when I did my half marathon 3 weeks ago.
    I also take the Lucozade drink but make sure I have water at the next station to dilute it. All that energy drink and jolting around plays havoc with your bowels towards the end - and the loos are few and far between at the finish!
  • Number 32583 and at the green start.God, I'm really nervous now- Lindylou CONGRATULATIONS- how can you possibly look like that and have grandchildren- you've uploaded your daughter's photo haven't you?!!!
  • Thaks FBGF - flattery will get you everywhere - in fact she's my 7th grand daughter and my 10th grandchild - how's that for a golden oldie!
  • You guys have convinced me. I've been bugged with an injury in my right leg, which has blown my training plan to bits. Was considering pulling out but now I'm going to do the GUR group and just enjoy the day.
  • Blue start Number 21076

    It's getting reeeeeeeeeeeeeal !

    will definately take the advice and start in pen 9.

    Take it nice & steady for the first 20 miles and then see what happens.

    Cheers All !

    " 2 Sheds "
  • Well done gosbourne - stick with it - it'll be worth it on the day!
  • going for 90 mins in the morning. Feeling ok and looking forward to the day, number 22277, blue start. I think the RW pacer group sounds ideal. If I can find it I'll join it! Will they have info on this at the expo/registration?
  • Like so many on here - my training was going fine until injury hit 2 weeks ago. Just back to running again but not convinced I will be pain free at the start line. No matter - all the kind people who have sponsored me will ensure that I do actually finish, but I will def. be taking advantage of the GYR pacing group from the blue start and will ask to be put in pen 9 at registration - I reckon they won't mind moving people back so much as forward?? Good luck to everyone! My first time so quite scared.....
  • Lennonesque - You can get info on the pace groups at the Expo and also at the start, but basically the group we are most interested in - GYR - is usually in pen 9 at each start. That's the pen for all us tortoises. They are easily identified by the big poster showing the pace held high on a stick. This is then thrown away after the start and they run holding a smaller sign on a stick which is just about head height. I'm sure there must be some info on the Runners World web site also.
    Kathy - You can't ask to be put in whatever pen you want. The pen number is already stuck on your running number when you get it. But it won't be a problem dropping back to pen 9 if that's where you want to be.
    I'm off out for my long run tomorrow. Would like to do around 12-15 miles. Will see how I feel, but must go slower than I did on my last run as I know I overdid it.
    Best of luck on your run tomorrow.
    See you all at the start.
  • Just got back- how cool is that just gone half past eight and it's done for the day- glorious sunshine here in Plymouth and a fabulous run was had by yours truly. For the first time ever 5 miles easily without having to stop and walk at all in under one hour followed by 40 mins of run walk. Would have tried for two hours today but 15 year old son ( the one who shaved his head for Comic Relief ) and boyfriend are in their first 5k. I'm more nervous.me and the 13 year old are supporting. I would have done it as well but that might be pushing it after this morning. Hope everyone else is ok- do you know this is the most positive I've felt for months!
  • Morning everyone - Went out for what should have been a 12 mile 2 hour run and ended up doing 15 miles in 3 hours. The last 2 were hell. Felt like giving up and phoning Mr Lyndylou for a lift home, but decided to carry on and limp home. Guess I just got carried away with the weather. Brighton seafront has a lot to answer for on a sunny day!
    Not feeling too bad today, but will not try anything else now until Wednesday.
  • Morning all
    I did my 90 minute yesterday afternoon. I thought I would try the 5 minutes running 1 minute walking to see what kind of difference that made to my training. I have to say I really enjoyed it, and found that it gave me more to think about, and also let me enjoy the running part, without feeling that I was going to die at any minute!
    Of course whether I will be feeling that good after 5 hours of it in just under 4 weeks time is another matter!
  • I did my 90 minutes of running on Saturday, and like sproog thought that I'd give the run/walk strategy a go. I did 30 mins run and 5 mins walk, as it takes me a while to get into my running. It felt good. Each section is only 30 mins and I managed to maintain my speed rather than slowing to a shuffle as I've done on previous long runs. Can't believe it is less than 4 weeks away! Terrified but excited too.
  • Where is everyone????????? Died after the weekend?????
    Just been out for my 50 minutes with 30 at 10 mile pace. Now know I definitely overdid it at the weekend. Will not try to be a smart arse again!
    Have a rest now until Friday, then try 60 minutes.
    Hope we all manage it okay on the day. Not feeling very sure at the moment. How does everyone else feel?
  • I'm feeling really boyed up after the weekend. Although, last night my legs felt like lead. I don't think I ate enough carbs during the day. Now that I'm not putting on pressure on myself except to finish, I can't stop smiling about what we're about to do.
  • I did my 45 min run this morning before work. It was lovely the sun shining and the birds singing (great for London). Still not feeling very sure, however I will cross that finish line if I have to do it on my hands and knees.
  • Hi Lyndylou
    I did my 45 mins last night, and my legs felt absolutely shocking. It felt like all my old injuries had come back to haunt me in one go.
    I'm hoping it's because they were just tired after Sunday's run, and that they will be fully recovered for Friday's 60 minute, otherwise I think I may cry! Especially as my physio is off to Hong Kong for two weeks tomorrow!
  • Ahhh - there is someone out there still.
    Burtyboy - I know you can do it. It might take longer than you would have liked but if you've made your mind up then you can definitely get to the end.
    Sproog - I know exactly what you mean about the legs. Had a tight left calf on Sunday, now have a tight right hamstring. Can't get anything right can I?
    Will be thinking about you when I do my 60 minutes on Friday.
    Lucky Physio - does he/she need any extra luggage?
    To everyone who's suffering with heavy legs - don't forget the porridge, its a good source of carb and goes down easier that most things.
  • Just did my best ever 75 mins- only had to slow down to a walk three times for twenty seconds or so. Hoping i'm not peaking too soon as I feel so much more comfortable than last year.
  • Have come down with a fantastically productive cold. Plenty of gunk, in between both nostrils being blocked. Fabulous.

    Tried to do my 2 hours today but it just wasn't going to happen and I crawled back into my house after just 20mins.

    The plan: plenty of Lemsip, a good night's sleep, then a 2 hour run midweek.

    Hope things are going well for everyone else.
  • Good to hae you back with us but sorry to hear about that dreadful cold Lennonesque. Don't try to come back too soon. Better to make sure your cold has cleared up properly. Had my dose of it about 3 weeks ago and chest has only just stopped feeling tight. Certainly could not have run for at least 10 days. I know It's only 3 weeks away, but better to be able to run on the day than try and force yourself back too soon. Have you tried Echinacea, Vit Cand Zinc. Echinacea drops (Bioforce) are best if you can get them. I get mine at GNC, but don't know if they are in every town.
    Don't want to rub salt into anyone's wounds, but went out and did 15 miles yesterday and knocked 20 minutes of my time of the previous week. Felt knackered but pleased with the time. Went over on my ankle at 3.5 miles and thought that was it but managed to carry on. It feels a bit sore today, but hopefully will be better by tomorrow.
    Hope everyone else had a good weekend.
  • Ice that ankle Lyndylou and be careful it might be a bit weak now. As a fellow Brighton seafront runner I find it extremely hard to stay motivated on the prom!

    Good luck everyone.
  • Hello Dips - I don't mind the seafront during the week as I can 'lose' myself gazing out to sea. Hate the crowds at weekends though. Live near the Marina so tend to go out towards Saltdean first then back towards Hove Lawns (pebbles at Saltdean caused my ankle!). Marina to Saltdean and back seems to take forever, but is only about 8 miles.
    Trying to ice the ankle but with three grandchildren around all day today it's not easy.
  • Lyndylou, I sprained my ankle just before Xmas. The physio told me to brush my teeth morning and night standing on the affected ankle. It strengthens the ankle so that not only does it recovery quickly but ensures it won't happen again. Easy to fit into day too. I also did it anytime that I was standing around, such as at bus stops. Got some odd looks but it worked. Also good when sitting down to move foot up and down, and then in circles.
    Had an awesome run at the weekend. One of those days when it just worked.
  • Hi gosborne - I'm up for trying anything. What will little grandkids think to grandma doing an impression of a flamingo????
  • Lyndylou, a bit of ultrasound is always a bonus too. Helps with the healing process. Throw plenty of Nurofen down your throat too!

    I hate the bit between the King Alfred and the Peace Statue.
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