disney marathon

Hi everyone. I will be doing the Florida Disney marathon on the 12th of January. I am attempting to raise money for Sense. Sense are a really worthwhile charity who do very valuable work for people who are deafblind. I know that this is a really expensive time of year but if anyone can help me raise money by sponsoring me to do this marathon both myself and Sense would be really grateful. If you could spare anything at all, ie even just 50p or a pound please visit justgiving.com/disney. Thank you very much.


  • Enjoy! I did it in January of this year although for the first time ever I pulled out - at 19 miles. I was so obsessed with getting up at 3.30am for the 6am start that I went to bed at 8pm and then just couldn't sleep. I never slept at all and felt dreadful at the start. At 6 or 7 miles I thought maybe it was going to be OK but felt dreadful at 13 (how I envied those peeling off to complete their half marathons)and I finally pulled out at 19. All of that said, apart from the early start it is a fantastic event. The music, characters, crowds, parks were memorable. I can't help you with fund raisung as I've got £1,250 to raise for the FLM but thought you might be interested to hear of my experience of it.
    I'd love to do it again one day - properly!
    Good luck.
  • I've heard it's a bit of a Mickey Mouse race.
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