Rover 214SEi



  • Hubby is a little concerned at the moment cos he's waiting on a new company car and he thinks it might currently be sat at the bottom of the English Channel :(

    On a happier note, many years ago I was working on a farm and the team returned to the fields after lunch one day to find the gateway blocked by a car with very steamed up windows and a problem with its springs. Took a while before there was any response to the polite beeps of our horn. Sure spoiled someone's afternoon!

  • Phew that's alright then, I thought you were going to say that it was Range Rover and once the windows had cleared it had three dead Essex Gangsters inside it
  • OK so SD has made a bid for £45, any higher offers.

    My little brother is interested dependant on insurance (which will certainly be more than the cars worth).
  • Someone buy the car and put him out of his misery...
  • Wasn't there a story at the time when Will Carling and Di were making a lot of News print. Looking for a pack of condoms Will calls into a garage where
    the bloke behind the counter says hes run out of condoms but he does a have a coil for a '64 Princess
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