Paula - Pee or Poo



  • I for one, can't believe how the press are making such a big deal of it. She went for a crap for goodness sake!
  • She shouold be measured by the same standards as anyone else. Forget who whe is - is it rught?

    Actually I think the real story is that she stopped. As an elite athelte chasing an extra 60k I would have jsut done it in my pants.
  • TetleyTetley ✭✭✭
    She can poo outside my house any time she likes
  • TetleyTetley ✭✭✭
    Jon - given the chance the British press stab any achiever in the back
  • Would the stabbing loosen up the stool for quick release? If so, it's perhaps not such a bad thing afterall!
  • Wether it was a poo or pee she done it damn quick, another possible record me thinks! her chice of location 'well whole new meaning to water station.

    Well done to everybody hope you had a geat day
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Actually, there wouldn't have been any queues for the loos at that point would there? She was first.............

    Agree Griff - world record in pooing.

    D'ya think Grumbly is really Anon?
  • Why do each of the marathon articles in the Times today start off yacking on about her wiping ar$e rather than kicking ar$e!

    I was watching and didn't even realise she'd had a pee/poop until the commentators pointed out. I thought she had cramp and was relieving her hamstring so all credit to her for being so discreet!
  • I don't really care that she stopped and went in her shorts/briefs. If she hadn't mentioned anything everyone may still believe that she just stopped to relieve cramp (in her leg!).
  • She should have used six Immodium like I did. That makes your poo fossilise for days.

    Now that she has set the standard I might start pooing beside the treadmill during my runs at the gym.
  • It's very funny reading all the comments...I think it's just one of those things that you have to do when nature calls...she'll be in the record books as the fastest woman with poo stop!!

    I hold my hands up to being a road side pooer when needs be...but I do try and find bushes!

    I didnt see the TV coverage so have we any idea what it was, or will it simply be a great debate in the press? I'm bloody glad I brought shares in her on Celeb Daq this week!!
  • Go-KLGo-KL ✭✭✭
    Well Paula wasn't the only one. As I hobbled to collect my bag at the end, the runner infront of me had 'decorated' the backs of his legs in a most unusual and frankly unpleasant manner for my nose. I was stuck in a quandry as I didn't want to stop for fear of not being able to carry on walking, but not wanting to get too close either!
    As for Paula and the Radio 5 debate, well personally my prudishness and lack of a half million pound incentive would have made me find a portaloo, but at the end of the day when you gotta go, you gotta go. And as for the respect of spectators, well I dodged 6 or 7 runners spewing a ghastly combination of Lucozade and gels and whatever rubbish had contaminated their guts from their mouths. Is this any better? Should they be obliged to find portaloos?
  • BBC coverage thought she had had a cramp hence the return to have a closer look. To be fair you couldn't see much on the closer look - da*ned discerte regardless of what it was.

    They did not have any discussion whether or not it was a no1 or 2 but rather mentioned her "unscheduled stop".

    I have to agree with a previous post 5.26 for a mile with an "unscheduled stop" impressive in anyones books!

  • I was impressed by the speed with which she did it - which begs the question - did she have toilet training?

    Another gutsy performance by the lady.
  • Maybe she should have carried a poop-a-scoop with her or a small plastic bag, then she could have carried the product of her record 15 second squeeze with her...

    ...Or wear tight fitting plastic pants.

    Reading the previous threads I find it incredible that some sad people have become so offended by her actions... Personally I was struggling to put one foot in front of the other at that stage, and would quite happily offloaded some botty chocs if this would have improved my time..

    Good on you girl....
  • bigponybigpony ✭✭✭
    If it was a poo I guess it'll turn up on ebay fairly soon!!

  • Yes... the (censored) photo in the Sun is fairly amazing :O
    Don't see what all the fuss is about though... when you've got to go you've got to go!
  • thanks for the comic relief all! these posts are hillarious.
  • Unfortunatly it is part and parcel of running - all manner of studies have taken place I have left little parcels all over Essex during my career - not pleasant and I have always tried to be discrete about it. Paula's unfortunate incident was highlighted because the BBC decided to show an action replay - both Brendan and Steve were experienced enough runners to know what had probably happened - and no in 1985, Steve Jones didn't do it in a tunnel, he was fortunate enough for the BBC to have cut away to an overhead shot and only switched back when he had finished - on the other hand - Catherine Mckiernan did just go in her shorts - not a very pleasant experiance either -

    There was a shot during the 1991 world championships when the BBC switched back to one of the African Runners who was doing both bodily functions - unfortunately for Paula the media have not learnt - still she is quiote a bit richer, has regained more of her credibility - and from the reaction to her performance round the course she is still a well liked and respected runner, and still the only truly world class distance runner that we have either male or female.

    Good on you girl
  • Does anyone remember Ann Trason (from the US) winning the Comrades Marathon (ultra - 87km)in South Africa a few years ago with poo all over her legs after suffering tummy trouble and not stopping.

    Good for her for carrying on regardless, but it is surely far more dignified to do what Paula did and have a quick squat to get it over with, than have the TV cameras and the eyes of the nation focusing on your soiled groin for the rest of the race.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Love the caption on the Sun pic of her crossing the line.......

    "Steaming home ... crossing the finish line"

  • Was going to think up a lame joke about fartlek, but I don't think I'll bother.
  • Or that she 'followed through' with a great win !
  • If my dog had done that, I would have been fined £30 ;o)

    Hope she went back with a poo bag!

    There but for the grace of God...
  • Do you think it would have been an official photographer that snapped that picture in the Sun, or was someone with a keen eye for some quick cash selling their own photo to the papers.

    I guess with so many people there was no escaping the masses
  • I wondered why she was wearing gloves in such warm weather, but wasn't wearing them after her shhhh ....... errr PIT stop. Obviously came in handy as she didn't have a pocket her bog roll.
  • I recently ran a half marathon pb with a 2 pit or sh*t stop strategy (not planned), could paula have even gone on to break her world record if she had used the same tactics as i used, maybe something to consider for next year!!

    got to admit it's maybe a good thing i'm not up at the front of the field i'd have been looking for somewhere a bit more secluded, thats why my trophy cabinet is still looking a bit sparse.
  • If there had been any Japanese Tourists about they would have bagged it,tagged it and taken it home.
    They do with Fergie's Chewing Gum at Old Trafford!!!
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