The Last Post

OK, so I'm bored and don't have anything better to do. The other forums I join in have gone very quiet for the time being and it's a rest day from running, so I'm starting a silly new thread.

On the fetcheveryone website (and the fetcheveryone thread in General running) there are various different rankings. If you are not ranked as one of the fastest runners over any distance, then you could still be ranked near the top as one of the best improvers. Soon, I'm sure there will be a way of being ranked near the top even if you are a slow runner who is getting slower.

I'd be ranked as number 1 for all runners aged 49 from Bracknell who are a member of fetcheveryone.

The idea of this thread is simple. The person who last posted on this thread is ranked number 1. If no-one ever shows any interest in this thread, I will be ranked number 1 for evermore. If anyone else does post, there will be a special monthly prize (of nothing) for the person who remains as the last poster for the longest time. Clock starts ticking now.


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