Dreadful Run

I went out on Sunday for my long run intending to do 1hr 40 minutes slowly. That's 10 minutes longer than I've run before - I managed a hour and a half last Sunday with no problems at all. Anyway, I had to stop at 1:20 - I was just exhausted. My legs just wouldn't go any more. When I stopped my legs had a kind of tired ache for ages afterwards and I generally felt really washed out.

The night before I'd been out for a very nice meal, at which I drank quite a lot. But I've drunk more before a run before without any ill effects. One factor may be that I started the run at 0730 which is earlier than I've ever done it before so I didn't have time for breakfast - I just grabbed a banana instead. I drank lots of water before I left and I drank lucozade sport as I ran, so I don't think it was dehydration. One think I did notice was that I had a very elevated heart rate (65 vs the usual 47-53) first thing in the morning.

HR this morning was 55 - so getting back towards the normal range. I wonder what was going on.



  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Tiredness,less sleep & no breakfast all contributed, but still you managed 80 minutes.
    Nothing unusual and its happened to us all.
  • Just accept we are all human. I had a good run yesterday having run into the leaden legs last week even though I ran a lot faster. However I don't assume all my runs will suddenly be better, so there is no reason for you to assume yours will suffer.

    I find I have to be up and mobile for at least an hour and a half now, but when I was younger I could go out 30 mins after getting up.

    As long as you are feeling better today and know you haven't tried to suddenly ramp up the milage then just don't worry, and keep going.
  • I had a bad run on Saturday. I felt like I was tied to an elephant ! It was hot, I was tired, dehydrated etc etc.
    Sunday was much better. It happens ! Peaks and troughs !
  • Hi All,

    Talking about bad runs on Saturday this might give everyone a bit of a laugh laugh but for me it also contained worthwhile lesson about planning
    Having been a regular gym-goer for about eighteen months I decided that I'd
    had enough of doing the human hamster bit on the treadmill and to have a go at this running lark a few of weeks ago and I'm really loving it.

    However on Saturday I decided to go for
    an hour's run. I headed through a local
    park and woods; but it was getting really hot so instead of heading off down the road I had planned i went into some more woods . The going got steeper and
    steeper and when I reached the top
    (walking!!!) I found I had climbed up Shooters Hill a fairly major local hill. I ran down to Welling; and looking at my pedometer saw that I was near my
    10k target and as it was now getting really really hot decided
    to head home.

    I then took a wrong turning and ended up
    doing a total of 14.5 K and being totally knackered with the heat.

    We live and learn! PS - what is the opinion on pedometers?


  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hey Millipede,

    Late night, big meal, excess booze, early start......not surprised your legs got fed up!

    Just one of those bad training days we all have from time to time.

    Keep going and don't beat yourself up.
  • Chris - I hate them. I had one but setting the stride length was too inacurate and I find I change my stride length dependinng on session speed so if I planned slow but felt like running fast the result was wrong.

    Now days I use an envelope and an OS map, or I just record it as time run if its my long run.
  • Mij & Chris -- I'm a map and piece of string. It bends more easily along the routes I've run. Then all I have to do is work out the mileage whn I put the total length of string against the mileage key at the bottom of the map. :)
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