Triple F - Oh Fudge, Finally I'm Forty!



  • Sorry for delay chimp. It seems that to read the next message you have to go away and come back. Is that right? And no, I don't do hyperlinks. Tell me, why do you think the chatrooms don't work? I've tried really hard, but no-one uses them.
  • thinkits because it can be hard to keep up- unless yor are asyperfast typist - and theres something quite detached about posting messages - even tho we talk to each other its not as personal as the chat rooms

    or we all too lazy to go there!

    Hi Sassie btw
  • Hi monster Bune; I still wish we could get the chatrooms going though. Anyway, I'm about to walk my dogs, and then a friend is treating me to a pub meal, so I'm a happy Sassie. Oh, and I ran 5 miles today!
  • well done - im resting!
  • I kinda slightly prefer the slight detachment
  • ...tried Al, Alan, Big Al, shorty, but all taken
    so back to Sp Mo for now
  • careful youll be outed as a mischief making troll!
  • ...oh dear - please tell him I never meant any harm!

    Iain - have a good night -just read the last line of your thread again and I'm wavering from my resolve to stay in and stay sober
  • Chimp, Hi
    I did the cardiff marathon
    Hi Al, or SM
    Hi sassie
    Hi bune
    Iain, enjoy
  • Hello benz
  • Benz, talking to yourself?

    First sign of madness wouldn't you say?
    Absloutely Barkles, quite right.

  • Why do you all turn up when im about to cook tea
  • Benz just one question
    too late to go out - do I go to offy or not?
  • NOT too late to go out
    But Definitely not too late for Offie
    Its bloody Christmas
    off you go then
  • Anyway, we must toast iain
  • Yeah, welcome to the 40 and over brigade mate!


    All the best young man!
  • Happy birthday Ian,

    hopefully you won't read this until sometime tomorrow when your head is clear and your feet manage to place themselves one in front of the other!!!
  • Im changing my name too gary
  • ta ddaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Only just seen this thread even though I've been on and off this thing all day today. Happy Birthday Iain!
  • talking to my bloody self in cyberspace
    How sad is that
    and i cant eevn run, cos i already have
  • hello soontobesylphlikepotomus!
  • Hi bune
    time to stuff face
    back later:)
  • I can't believe how much time I've spent on here today. I'm just bored. Kids all doing their own thing, hubby working and I can't even have a drink as I'm the taxi later.
  • ihave just stuffed i/2 a choccy orange into mine and feel quite rik waller (remember him?)
  • Hi hilly - youre not Ron Hill are you?
  • I'm back too - think she's gone off with keys so I had to walk to offy - plus so couldn't have gone out anyway

    been running round chanting mantra

    Please please find my keys
    no luck so far

    4 benz
  • sorry try again:

    4 benz
  • ha! bune, thought that was you! howayah??!!
  • try SP (or whoever you might eally be)
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