Triple F - Oh Fudge, Finally I'm Forty!



  • anyway dont just lurk - say hellloooo!
  • hi SpM - show Benz your pinstickers link!
  • I have it
    its on me favourites to peruse later
  • yes i think everyone probably does - i can just understand why you guys sometimes have problems making sense of women - they are difficult to code too!
  • yes but
    Dont leave it at what if
  • i like the name!

    i know 2 physios who do accup- one is very convential and the other does shiatsu at home - thats where i tried pinsticking!
  • ?

    me not lurk but me sometimes take time to catch up
  • Shiatsu sounds good too, between reiki and acupuncture
  • i thought I HAD made it obvious - but its not up to me in the end - ill get over it eventually - but i cant watch them getting it together -it hurts too much to see ! - ive done that before too many times!
  • Now if i say im good with my hands, i hope you wont take it the wrong way
  • No your safe benz!

    you werent lurking SpM - it was R - hello if you are still lukking!

    Im tempted back towards reiki at the mo - think it might be helpful - or some heavy handed massage
  • Heavy handed massage, bliss
    may book in for one
    apperently my left shoulder is a lost cause
  • massaging a cookie monster would be difficult btw - i used to get really tingly fingers when i did hairy chests!
  • Hi Spacemonkey, i have this and will read later
  • Thats the reiki healing bune
  • a few friends of a friend practice - and 1 does body psychotherapy - getting psych-emotional blocks moving with massage

    are you a shoulder bag carrier btw?
  • Yes
    On the right shoulder though
    Since i was 5 or so
    Reiki would say the left shoulder is carrying my emotinal burdens
  • it was preReiki benz - it was running my fingers thru chest hair!!!
  • But you dont have to be formally trained to feel it
    Aparently we all have the healing power
  • hats true - left side is emotional? I have very weak left side and knotty left shoulder - surprise surprise!
  • it was chest hair!
  • They coulnt reiki mine, that is , the girls learning on the course with me, it hurt them too much
  • Chest hair, Hmmmmmmmmmmm
    psi says he is hairy
  • i was nt attuned way back then!

    maybe i could cast a spell?
  • Hi Benz, Bune, SM (and Runner, if you're still here),

    I was just dropping in some stickies and fizz for Iain, but he appears to be absent. Tut, tut... What on earth could he be up to!

    Ah, well. Seems a shame to waste them. Tuck in, folks :-)

  • we can shave him then spray him either tan or gold - gold hair and gold boots and gold skimpy shorts!
  • I think you can do it without being attuned, that just makes it more powerful
    Ive ALWAYS used touch in my job
  • Oooh bune, how pervy!!!!!!!!
    Stickies WP????????
  • hi WP - did you say you used to playhockey b4 you were an Uber Babe!
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