i am the ThreadSlayer......

i seem to have an uncanny knack of killing threads.

anyone else have the power?


  • so when is your birthday then?
  • I do it all the time! You are not alone!
  • Laura - exactly!
  • I'm pretty good at it as well - Time to see if I can do it to this one. Do I get a prize if I manage it?
  • bip bip bip bip beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
  • nice try brownyboi but the trick is to post when the thread's in full swing then KABOOM!!..........kill it !!
  • Me too! You are not alone. Just watch......

  • Yes, I do. It's me quick wit and ready repartee. Stone dead.

  • Sorry Tinywhitevan.

  • [rollseyes]

    @ Alex

    now THERE is a thread slayer


  • and Dan there's a whole thread devoted to the art of thread-jacking around here somewhere... with many fine examples of how it's done.


  • Didn't you start it cath ?

    Anyway, did you see Ramsay this week ? He actually liked the food !

  • Alex, I simply asked how it was done properly - what the actual mechanism was that takes place and blow me wasn't I given 216 examples!

  • i see you've boinged it cath!

    there seems to be quite an art to this - as demonstrated by alex there!!

  • Anyone seen the Angel of Death recently ?
  • Bet this is the last post
  • last post on what
  • Forest Runner here.

    <everyone else clears off. won't come back for ages>
  • As I was saying about private schools....
  • I'm not always a threadkiller after all. Oh, I must celebrate - fancy a cup of tea?
  • Actually, it seems that I probably will be after all.

    dan., I was just beginning to think that it was a crafty move starting a thread on thread killing. It must be a near impossible thread to kill by it's very nature. Bound to attract threadkillers from all over the place.

    But I will probably end up killing it.

    JF, wrong thread, you want this one
  • JF, your reference to the "last post". That thread is called "The Last Post".

    Sorry, if I confused you.
  • Easily done
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Hug, anyone?
  • No.
  • As i was saying about murdering & eating cute fluffy animals...
  • As I was saying about breeding cute fluffy animals to be murdered and eaten.
  • But can gay horses run in races?

    Serious question! (copyright Chris Lamb)

  • How can you tell its gay ??

    Does it neigh in a Julian Clary type voice or mince as opposed to trotting ??
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