• I have just got the accuroute but cant find a map to use it with has anyone got any map sites they can suggest? The ones I go into are not detailed enough to use.
  • www.map24.com, go to address search, put your start address and then when the map comes up you can zoom in or out and then I think you click on direction and then put your cursor at the start and click around the course. It does it in Km but easily converted to miles with a calculator (times by .6214)
  • Hi I get some use from my pedometer. But I wonder if there is one that indicates your current cadence (paces per minute. After all your speed is made up of only two variables, length of stride and stride rate
  • http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/

    This is a great website to measure your distances.
  • Nike run london has just created a routefinder on its website. You don't have to have run the nike 10k to use it either. I've found it to be quite useful and it also has recommended routes saved on there from other runners. Alternatively, you can plot your own routes in and it tells you the distance, good low scale too.
  • I use Google Earth to work out distances. It has a measuring tool you draw out the route you run as a "path" (like a piece of string) It seems to be pretty accurate when comparing routes to my bike computer.

  • Google earth works for me
  • http://www.mapmyrun.com/

    uses google map/earth and is specifically for runners ;)

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