Very Sore Nipples - What Can I Do?

My last couple of runs have resulted in very sore nipples. Being a novice I really don't know what to do. I thought of plasters but my chest is way too hairy - don't fancy pulling them off.

What else can I do?? As I sit here at work they feel as hot as the sun.



  • COuple of options-
    either vaseline or paraffin gel over them- but does rub off- or plaster them over c plaster or tape. The pain of removing the tape will be far less from the pain of abrased nipples I promise !
    Make sure also wear a proper lightweight non rubbing vest to help.
  • It's a common problem Dolphin - I personally use vaseline, couldn't get on with plasters for the hairy chest reason. There's also a product called BodyGlide that has been recommended on the forum before.

    If you try vaseline, be sure to smear on loads of it before the run.

    I've never found a cure once I've got sore nipples though - you just have to live with it!
  • Just take the pain - mmmmm pain.

    Only kidding, vaseline and a light top as said will be fine!
  • Thanks for the replies peeps.

    Vaseline it is.

    Some forms of pain whilst running can be rewarding - but nipples must be my weakness.

    Ooh Err Misses!
  • D,

    only problem with vaseline etc is that it can mark your clothes even after washing.

    Try using "Micropor" (spelling's a bit off here) its a medical plaster that comes in rolls but does not have the death grip of plasters when being pulled off. Much better alternative. (Also only remove during apre run bath/shower helps)

  • BTS

    Thanks for the tip - already been to Boots and bought a roll. £1.39 for 5 metres - that's a lot of nipple!

    Cheers, Dolphin.
  • or try nip-guards TM available from any good running shop
  • You also want to look at the material of your tops. Have a look around for a nice softish fabric rather than a harsh mesh type. Avoid cotton like the plague.
  • I use melolin(?) - it's the stuff you find in a first aid kit for wound dressing - and then secure it on with either micropore or strips of plasters. You can buy packs in Boots and then cut it to the desired size depending on what nature gave you.

    Pretty effective and it removes the pain of pulling plasters off your nipples.

    Only downside is that you end up messing about cutting strips of stuff for 15mins before you head off.
  • Just went for a 7 miler, and forgot to put vasaline on the nips. About 6 miles, they started to hurt and now paying for it dearly.

    Common problem Dolphin so your not alone. Numerous threads on the subject if you look back through most of the forums.
  • You're lucky you feel the pain when you're running.

    When I started running, I found that my nips went numb, so I didn't realise the damage I was doing. Only at the end of the run did I realise when I looked doen to find two streaks of blood.

    The pain would come the next day at work where every movement of my cotton shirt over the nips would be very agony. People at work must have wondered why I sat very still!

    I've found vaseline to be effective in preventing the problem. It does stain your t-shirts, but I only wear cheap ones anyway, so I'm not worried.

    I have found though that over time my nips have hardened and I'm less prone to the problem. Unless on a long run I don't need vaseline at all.

  • I wish they made day-glow nip-guards... 'could become an essential clubing item (and you'd certainly see me doing a lot more clubbing...!!)
    Or, how about strawberry flavoured nip-guards (just to expend the market a little bit). The London Marathon would never be the same again...

    Club colours nip-guards (why bother with a vest again?)

    No more cumbersome XXL T-shirts at the end of a race: event nip-guards; one size fits all...

    Air-vacuum adhesive free nip-guard, for the man with an hairy chest...

    God, this is fun...
  • Do you have the same problem with lycra tops?
  • The Nike 'Paula' nip-guard: gently squeezes your your nipples for an improved blood-flow return to the heart...
  • Nip-guard base layer, and nip-guard x-tra lite gore tex, for those wintery conditions

    Help, I can't stop thinking about this....!!!
  • GPNs: Global Positioning Nip-guards; a truly portable device, Featuring SDM and HRM functions. Technology at its best....
  • Vision-express daily disposable nip-guards: for those who like to look their women in the eyes....

    Please, somebody tells me to stop this now... please!
  • The 'Popeye' nip-guard. So called for the reaction it evokes in others....

    All right guys... I think I have enough material here to start my own little business
  • Is this a 'man thread' only?

    Why do you think women aren't posting here? What do women do that is different?
  • I do apologise for that.... it just seems to be like Pringles: once you pop...
  • Can I just make a small interjection? As this is a predominantly male thread can I just point out that nothing can compare with the truly toe-curling pain of a child latching on for the first few weeks of breast feeding (there, said it now, and got that one off my chest!)

    Also, have a look at 'monthly misery' in the injury thread where your thread has attracted some comment.
  • Don't go there guys!! Just trust me on this one.
  • Flatfeet, good post. Crocodile clips anyone?
  • I occasionally suffer from sore and bleeding nipples, especially of it rains heavily on a long run. I find the best long term cure is to buld up the scar tissue to a resilient form, a bit like callouses.

    To do this though you need to allow it to recover a bit between runs.

    This is a painful way to do it but once you get though the first two weeks you will be sorted for ever.

    Problems only arise if you have a bit of a break, the nipples will soften again.
  • Oh, no need for nip-guards then!
    there goes my business.... :-(
  • You can buy nip guards from any chemist - just look in the section for babies and nursing mothers. They fit inside your bra ;-)

    Btw, on a serious note, Eddy is right; that's how Mum's manage, eventually.
  • They don't seem to stock the 'Popeye' nipguards at my local chemists....
  • I think the ordinary ones have the same effect - try them, you'll see I'm right...
  • Listen this is all very very silly not one of you has put forward the simplest solution.

    Run topless.

    No more nip guards, sore nipples, plasters, vasalene etc

    For official runs simply felt tip the race number on like triatheltes.

    The number of males taking part in running would increase.
    The number of people (ok men) watching running would increase.
    Running would be televised more.

    Brilliant solution or what.
  • At last, the voice of reason!
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