Where's my "Where has the Ro thread gone" thread gone??

Thanks for all the e-mails (you know who you are) will reply to one and all.

Seems I was misplaced in my support of you-know-who so anyone got any humble pie going?

Soz Sean. Out of order.


  • It's a big chimp that admits he's sorry.

    I have some humble pie, left over from an argument i had with mrb yesterday.

    <hands over day old, warmed up humble pie with double cream>
  • dammit chimp, you promised that you'd gone forever
  • Can we ever trust primates? They are too similar to pirates.
  • Ro,s back
  • Where?
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Can I have some Pie?

    I'm still at work and fecking starving.


    ro ro ro your boat gently down the stream
    merrrrrrilllly merrrrillly

    [Nessie has officially lost the plot]
  • You have mail Dodge.
  • i want mail too. chimp - email me.
  • I want some pie AND some email. I'm working tonight and need some company.

    AND I've just Done Battle with a big scary pigeon in the spare room.

    [trembles quietly, a small feather clinging bravely to a whisker]
  • Jj

    pigeons is dorrty and you shouldnt mess with them

    Good lad our chimp
  • Nessie and jj, here you go.

    <Hands over rest of pie with cream.>
  • Chimp, your other thread hasn't been pulled - let's hope this thread sinks without trace to save your embarrassment.
  • What would be nice, would be for both threads to be deleted once we've all finished having a good natter about it. In future, if he raises his head, then I'd suggest just reporting him and not replying.

  • I also hope this thread doesn't get boinged again...

    So, Ro goes and then comes back. And then Chimp goes and then comes back. Has anybody actually seen them in the same room at the same time?
  • waappp
    you are PURE evil
  • I want to know why you never see Dodge and Tony Blair on the forum at the same time.
  • Or the same cage?
  • I'm confused (easily I know).

    Is Ro thingy here still? gone? lurking in the forum cupboard ready to pounce on an unsuspecting forumite?

    Who was he anyway?

  • ************************

    Ro - The Final Countdown


    The only thing keeping him alive is us...

    I wonder if we could set a date, maybe midnight tomorrow (?) to finally kill him off. No more Ro threads, either from or about him. Time to move on to better things.

  • Yes - that does apply to me too.
  • but waap
    I dont want you to die------
  • Make Ro history.

    Perhaps Bob Geldof could help out?

  • But... but.. I didn't mean...

    ..hey...stop laughing at me...
  • I dont want you to go waap

    (lip trembles)
  • i do. sod off monkey boy.
  • bedtime

  • Now look what you've done.

  • she's always trying to drag me off to bed

  • It was a cross-post you stoopid orang.
  • what ARE you two like at all. You're like an old married couple before bed!!!


    (nighty night!)
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