Where are all the Psychotic Insecure Bunny Boilers ?

Or maybe they are just lurking. One wrong word and TWACK !


  • Damn Alex, had a bad week ?
  • *THWACK*

  • OW !

    < Like the Propellerheads - History repeating itself ! >
  • Want another?

    *flexes fingers and searches for birch twig*

  • For Free ?
  • Well, normally I charge a glass of champagne, but I am feeling in a generous mood, so yes, okay, for free.

    You want?

  • What value, better than half a house I say.

    Ah, yeeeees

    < for men who know how to sweat >
  • It is important that, in this life, we achieve value for money. Or, as in this case, that you get something for nothing.


    Now, I'm going to have a glass of champagne as a treat. Would you like one?

    *waves bottle of Krug*

  • Must apologies to all this evening - not strictly sane, but what the hell eh ? Well past my bedtime.

  • Tell you what, the Champagne does sound nice, so that's a yes. Cheers.
  • *pours Krug for WA and self*

    I have been to see Status Quo tonight, so am in need of a drink! It was surprisingly good fun, but my street cred is in need of some TLC!

    Cheers! Nice champagne this, isn't it?

  • Aaa - just spilt some over my mobile phone and desk. Rats.

    <quick clean up>

    yes, very nice indeed.

    Quo still alive then ?
  • You didn't want to do that, WA, now did you?

    *states the bleedin' obvious*

    Quo are still alive, but Rossi and Parfitt are looking pretty wrinkly. Got a bit of a shock when I glanced up and saw them on the big screen thingy wotsit. I saw them the night before my German O'level, and I think they played the same set!

    In my defence, I would point out that we didn't go out and proactively buy the tickets! Someone dropped out, so we made up the numbers. Had a brilliant bop though, so that was fun.

    Need a top-up, WA?

    *tops up own glass with Krug*

    I loooooove champagne!! Classy bird, see.

  • I guess they would be a reasonable night, like you say, credibility excepted.

    Apart from some of their party tunes I liked songs like whatever you want and in the army now when they were out.

    Prefer ACDC (the band) though or maybe ZZ Top or Rainbow.


    Yes, a refill would be great.
  • They played "Whatever you Want" but not "In the Army Now".

    *tops up WA's glass8

    So how come you are up past your bedtime then?
    *tops up own glass*

    It's lovely this Krug. I can pop into the Runner's Arms and get some more (as the buxom barmaid, I have the keys to the cellar!) if you think we might need another bottle.

  • Yup, I'll have some more. Cheers.

    Well I have had one rip-roaring night. Did bugger all from 8-10, had a shower, went to borders (20% off) and bought

    Handbook of Corporate Finance (A little light reading for the toilet)
    The Perfect Distance Ovett & Coe

    Bought some muesli in Tesco then escaped b4 the potter-mania struck.

    Got home, stared at navel for a bit then in a stroke of genius started this thread!

  • *yawns*

    Getting sleepy now. Busy day tomorrow, am doing an overnight babysit for friends with 3 and 5 year old, so best get some sleep in the bank now.

    Call in to the Runner's Arms sometime if you fancy a drink, lovely pub grub and good company. And there's always someone around to dish out thwacks if they are needed.

    Night night

    *switches out lights*
  • Corporate Finance!!! Why do you want to read about that? You're not an accountant, are you?
  • That list of books has woken me up!!!

  • No not an accountant, just in business. Not on the corporate level at which the book is aimed but it looked interesting. (Should not be admitting to that eh ?)

    "That list of books has woken me up!!!" - With a nasty start no doubt !
  • Indeed! was just drifting off nicely, in a champagne-induced reverie, and all of a sudden: WHAM!! Corporate finance.

    I am an accountant (blushes) but in the public sector. Again, this may be something to which one doesn't admit. It certainly presents a challenge at parties (not that i get invited to many nowadays). What do you say when people ask you what you do?

  • Now, I really do have to go to bed!! sorry, it's been a long and busy week at w*rk. Grrr.

    Call in for a thwack at the Runner's Arms whenever you feel the need.

    Now, definitely, night night. Think you might be the last one up on the forum tonight. Gold star and top of the class.

  • Do you know, when people as what I do I cringe. If I had a nice simple answer like "lecturer" (as I once was) or "brickie" or something .... Was lambasted by my mother once for saying "this 'n that".

    Thing is, I never really had a plan. Come out of it all ok, don't get me wrong but there are decisions to be made. Sort of semi-retirement (which is doing my head in) or onwards and upwards. Hmmmmm.

    Domestic 'bliss' too. It's just great don't you know.

  • X Posted there - Knackered too. Good night.

    BTW - For one, I would be most interested to meet an accountant at a party !
  • WA, I am still waiting to find out what I want to be when I grow up! Seem to have moved into things - all in the public sector with a brief stint in the outsourcing world - was once a lecturer like you, auditor, etc etc.

    If you want to run through your career decisions and need a sympathetic ear, I'm your woman! Call into the Runner's Arms: every now and then we have career counselling session. Highly popular!

    Good luck with meeting an accountant at a party (if you can find someone who will admit to it!!)

  • Hey, thanks for that.
  • You're welcome.

    Had a better day today??
  • dan dandan dan ✭✭✭
    Only one forumite could have answered WA's call for a psychotic bunny boiler!

  • Well, there was no one else around and the title seemed tailor made for me, really, didn't it??

    Knew you'd appreciate it!
  • BTW, half your name is missing Dan. Or have you grown out of dan dan?
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