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There has been a few things said about watching what we eat post IMCH to avoid excessive weight gain.

I actually lost considerable weight during the event, about 1/2 stone, which would appear to be body mass rather than simply fluids. I've never experienced such a drop like this before.

During the event I didn't feel as though I'd bonked or dehydrated, I always felt sorted in that department but it would seem my body has used itself for fuel during the day.

My weight has crept up a little in the last few days, but would appreciate any advice on gaining weight post competition.


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  • On behalf of all those who struggle to lose weight<punches SP on the nose & then runs like hell>
  • the nhs weight gain diet works alright - basically, everything you eat, try and work out how you can increase the calories in it - e.g. mashed potato - mash with whole milk and add grated cheese. Cheese sandwich - add a slice of ham.

    sherry is an appetite stimulant, so if you don't feel you're eating enough, have a glass before meals. Alternatively, so is formaldehyde, so if you don't like sherry you could go and hang out with some preserved bodies before meals. Though this may not help.
  • Jeez SP !

    Have you tried protein things like the Slimfast Shakes ? And burgers.
  • It goes against the marmite sarne and a banana vein, but protein powder (whey), taking their recommended dose will do a lot for you.
  • AvalafAvalaf ✭✭✭
    After my couple of 100+ cycles I lost 3kg's on both despite stuffing my face fairly consistently the day before and during. It came back within a week or so.

    I should probably explain in other terms for SP. A kg is a metric unit of weight that is around 2.2lbs.
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  • 2.2lbs - what's that in bushels ?
  • Cougie - about 2 cubits.
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  • Great position on the messages board-1 above "for those struggling with their weight"
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    SP - you can have some of mine.......
  • SP - nice problem to have! When I gained about 12lbs for my swim, I did it basically by what ergo suggests, ie not eating anything that I wouldn't normally (ie I didn't eat icecream every day or anything), but I did add high calorie stuff to my normal meals. ie I went through a period of adding mascarpone to everything that I could (I now can't face the stuff!)

    One of my top tips was a toasted sandwich with peanut butter and banana mashed with honey as the filling.....


    I guess the key is to do it as healthily as you can and keep control of it.
  • Also try drinking more (not alcohol!) as it may be dehydration still.

    On the alcohol note, adding a few glasses of wine or pint to evening meals will soon put the weight on! Empty calories, though..
  • SP a weight loss is normal and can take a while to return to normal. In a long race you naturally work at a lower intensity so will have been burning a lot of fat stores.
    These are not neccissarily replaced quickly like carbs are.
    Apart from the natural de-hydration on the day you have to allow for the weight of the water tied up in the energy stores and released as you used the stores up. I think it's something like 3 to 4 gms of water per gram of glycogen, not sure about that though. This gets excreted and so is part of that weight loss.
    Give it a couple of weeks and if you have not returned to within a pound or two of your pre-race weight then look into it.
    I am assuming you have been eating like a horse for a while after with lots of good food and PLENTY of protein. Having a week or so of gorging yourself is no problem as long as it is not all crap, just lots of good stuff but maybe more 'treats' than normal. You have earned it.
    Then get back to normal and keep an eye on your weight and diet for a couple of weeks to make sure you are ok and no bad habits have crept in.
    Well done Ironman.

  • My weight dropped quite a lot for a week or two post-ultra - think this was because i didn't manage to eat enough the few days after (kitchen downstairs, bed upstairs...). If you feel hungry, make sure you eat (nuts & malt loaf being my tip), & try to get lots of fluids down too. This will help with recovery. Don't worry about it until maybe a fortnight post-race, because your body will still be doing weird things fixing itself up.
  • I'd pretty much been able to keep a handle on my weight during training and this was quite stable around 10st 8/9lbs. I went down to 10st 2lbs and was possibly lighter, that was the first time I got to weigh myself.

    I've done long events before (cycling and running) where weightloss of upto around 6lbs was expeirienced but was quickly put back on within a few days and was possibly due to dehydration.

    I've been eating plenty of steak and using additional milk. I was primarily surprised, not so much by the extent of weightloss, but that I was still well down a week afterwards.

    I guess, having never done anything to this extent before, results are going to be different. Will continue to gorge and watch what I eat and drink.

    Sorry nic - I can't stand peanut butter!
  • Formaldehyde as an appetite-stimulant...yes, I'd forgotten the post-dissection munchies!

  • jeeeeeeeeeeesus

    how to put on weight???

    eat eat eat godammit

    you should have come round the chocolate factory with me on saturday
  • Don't like chocolate either. Does that make me weird?
  • yes.

    although i don't like chocolate either. i just want someone else in the weird corner with me.

  • GodzillaGodzilla ✭✭✭

  • Hey, I remember the post-dissection munchies too! Was it really the formaldehyde? I just figured the "surrounding environment" was what gave me a hankering for ham sarnies...
  • no, 's true!

  • a really big takeaway curry - one with a rich creamy sauce. pilau rice. naan bread. puppadums (sp?) with an ice cold beer.
    apple pie with full throttle birds custard to follow.

    just a thought.
  • SP - grrrr! My doc says it's perfectly normal for "women of a certain age" to gain a few un-shiftable pounds around the middle area. My weight never comes down even after an IM.

    (IW follows up Nelle's punch with a kick to the ribs and retreats very swiftly)
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