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  • welcome, clare, and congratulations!

    i think everyone is individual when it comes to running/exercising in pregnancy, and we are all bound by what our body will let us do!

    some people on this forum managed to keep running until 7 months; others had to stop earlier because it made them feel unwell.

    i am still managing 5 mile runs - albeit it VERY slowly (over 1 min per mile slower than i used to be). but i'm having ITBS problems now, so i'm not managing more than 3 times a week.

    good idea to keep cross training because that means you can keep it going if you have to stop running.

    know what you mean about the bladder thing! it does get a bit better - i can now run for more than 15 mins without feeling like my bladder is about to explode. it's only started to get better in the last week (i'm now 16 weeks).

    you asked about clothes on the other thread. i found some stuff at the lady there was very friendly, and helped with sizing etc because it's a bit vague. the kit is NOT glamorous, and the leggings i've got aren't wicking, but in this weather (for running outside), that doesn't bother me. i can still fit into my lycra shorts for gym wear at the mo, but i've got a pair of horrible looking supportive shorts from activemums for when i finally bloat out too far!

    there are a few discussions on heart rate further back in the thread. they might help you decide what is appropriate for you...

    good luck!
  • Hi there

    I wanted to ask some advice some advice on sports bras. I wear bendon sports bras - which I must say the are the best I have ever found :-). Anyway they have underwire and I know that in general underwires are not recommneded during preganacy. I am not huge, but the thought of running without support fills me with dread. I also want to hold onto what perkiness I can after 2 kids! Does anyone have any thoughts, ideas, advice.... Should I switch to a non wire version if so any reccomendations?


    PS - Anyone else suffering from stitch?
  • Clare

    Its a no no to underwired. When pregnant because my boobs kept growing so fast (started off a 34c and ended up a 42dd) I found it really expensive to keep buying good sports bras every couple of weeks. I ended up purchasing Sports bras from Marks and Spencer and they did the job. As I gave up running at 4 months and took up the cross trainner I found that they were sufficient. Hope that helps a little, sorry I can't suggest anything else.
  • Not pregnant yet, but enjoying reading all the posts on this site.

    Why are underwired bras a no no in pregnancy, is it just a no no for when you're doing sport or all the time ??

    I find a Bereli shock absorber and sportjock on top does the job for me (both not underwired), but may be expensive if you need to keep buying bigger sizes once you're pregnant.
  • hello mrs o - good to hear from you again. hope things are going ok for you...

    in general i think the reason underwired is not advised is that your boobs can get very painful during pregnancy and the wire makes it worse. there's also a theory, i think, that wearing wired bras during breastfeeding can cause problems because the wire can press in and cause blockages and/or discomfort.

    all the maternity and nursing bras you buy are non-wired.

    for normal wear, i spend most of my time in shock absorbers bras that i used to use for hiking. i have a couple of maternity bras as well, but just prefer the shock absorbers ones for some reason (i think i have an aversion to anything 'maternity', so if i can still wear pre-pregnancy stuff, i will!)

    for running, i can still fit in my sportjock bras from pre-pregnancy, although it's a bit of a tight squeeze.

    by the way, i'd emailed americano because she hadn't been on since christmas. i had a reply yesterday, and she said she'd pop in and say 'hi' sometime, but that all is well (which is great news!)
  • Glad to hear Americano is OK - had been wondering.. :o)

    Re: sports bras - I found that Marks & Spencers were the best - the non-wired sports bra, and then I wore a crop top style sports bra top over it, but that was actually after I had the baby as I couldn't do much exercise while pregnant. Not sure what the rule on wired bras really is - one of my friends wore underwired all through her pregnancy and her midwife service told her it was an old wives tale not to.... who knows??!

    I will say, however, that I am small chested (34b on a good day) but went up to 34E after birth/ when I was breastfeeding (back to 34B again now!), so I had a bit more choice than those who get enormous boobs during pregnancy.

    Hegs x
  • Hi there

    I have been told that the underwire can intefer and cause blockages as thing develop??

    I have a couple of sports jocks so I will go back to those for now then. It is a shame as the Bendon is the best sports bra I have ever found, comfy attractive and very supportive.

    Thanks for your feedback!

  • hegs - that's interesting about the old wives tale thing. all the bras you see for maternity etc are all non-wired.

    clare - if you are still comfy wearing the wired bras for exercise, it's probably ok to carry on wearing them. and if poss, wear non-wired the rest of the time, especially if you think the wired ones give you better support. you may end up more uncomfy with others which don't support you as well, especially if your boobs end up moving around more.

    i had to ditch the wired bras because my boobs were soooo sore. it was quite literally like having a piece of wire stuck right in there.

    funny how there are no guys on this thread now, with all the talk of pregnant ladies and boobs :-). you'd have thought they'd be here in their droves!
  • clare - you also asked about stitch. i assume this is when you are running?

    i haven't had it any worse since pregnant than before, but i believe it can be very common. all to do with ligaments stretching and hormones and stuff.

    as usual with stitch, best thing is to slow down/walk for a bit, and see if it goes.

    is it a stitch in your side or in your stomach? some people on the thread have said they found their stomach went 'hard' and painful when running, and they had to give up at that point. i don't think that's the same thing as stitch, though, but it's worth being a bit careful and taking it easy if it gets too bad.

    and i spoke too soon about my bladder. i had one whole week where it wasn't bad, and since then, it feels like i need a pee every 5 mins when i run!!!
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Not pregnant yet (but hoping to be sometime in the near future). Must admit, hate the thought of not being able to wear underwired bras. I'm not huge (32C) but need the uplift they provide. Not keen on the idea of boobs round my waist before having a baby!

    My two best friends are pregnant and both have been told not to wear wired bras - also they've been told not to wear heels. Anything else you can't do?? Seems a bit excessive to me - not that I'd probably want to walk around in sky-high stilettos but at 5'1" I don't fancy being confined to flatties either!
  • I had to give up on heels at about 5 months pregnant simply because I was getting back ache. Don't think, however, that there is any hard and fast rule on that either - I seem to think that most of the celeb yummy mummies wear their Jimmy Choos virtually to the delivery room ;o)
    I got M&S non-wired bras while I was pregnant - not the maternity ones, but the T-shirt ones - I was only a 34C though, so I had plenty of choice.
    I also wore underwired from time to time, but generally found non-wired more comfy, particularly when my baby went breach at 33 weeks (most uncomfortable having a 5lb baby's head under your ribcage!)
  • Minks

    1st I've ever heard about high heels but agree with Hegs, you just get to a certain point where you can't take any more and flats are the way forward. I'm only 5ft 1" as well but believe me there comes a time when you're feet say no when you're pregnant!

    Under-wired bras can also damage the under-lying tissue when you're boobs grow along with blockages etc as mentioned previously.

    Glad Americano is well, hope to hear her good news soon x
  • Well I dug & dusted off my old sport jocks which had been relegated to the back of my cupboard. It was not too bad, so I will see how I go.

    It is definately stitch. But luckily it only seems to be on the odd run. I will just have to walk it off.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    I still can't see how underwired bras can cause damage to breast tissue or problems with blockages. The wiring sits (or should sit) flat against the ribcage below the breasts so shouldn't restrict anything.

    That said, pregnant friends have said they were happy to stop wearing wired bras when the time came as they did become uncomfortable.

    And who am I to comment??
  • There's such a lot to worry about when pregnant ;o)
    If I do it again I definitely won't be so hung up on things like food & bras(she says now!). Of course the paranoia changes focus once the baby arrives - now I go into my son's room about 3 times a night to check that he's still breathing/ warm enough/ not too hot.... To say nothing of checking my books weekly to make sure he's reaching his milestones (he still has never poked his tongue out at me and was supposed to do that by 8 weeks - he's 8 months now...).
    But it's so worthwhile and rewarding - good luck to you all!
  • Just changing the subject now, and bringing on board a whole new discussion, but what are people's experiences with baby joggers?

    Have you, Hegs, and others used any joggers that are on the market, and I'm guessing from 3 months onwards, as soon as the baby can support it's head? Just wondered how practical these things are, especially when going offroad over muddy tracks/horsetracks/gravel etc.

    Any recommendations for certain models? Some are pretty expensive but I guess you can buy them secondhand on ebay etc.
    I'm 24, almost 25 weeks now and still running OK, just fast-forwarding to the time post-birth when there will be the struggle of timing runs when hubby/parents can babysit for an hour, then having the freedom of going out with the wee one once it's able to sit in a baby jogger.
  • lizzie - can't advise on the baby jogger i'm afraid, but the latest version of the runnersworld mag has an article on them. i'm sure you can pick them up on ebay as well, although you may well want to try out a model first to make sure you like it and your baby is comfy in it.

    very impressed that you are still running OK!

    re: under-wired bras - someone told me that blooming marvellous sell underwired maternity bras. (haven't seen them myself) now, how about that for confusing?

    and i think you adjust your whole perspective on looks when pregnant. suddenly, it's a relief to find something comfy to wear. i'm just moving into maternity stuff at almost 17 weeks. i can still fit into my pre-preg. stuff, but the maternity stuff is just soooo comfy, as there are no tight waistbands. it's like getting into your pjs after you've been in a pencil-skirt all day!
  • Lizzie,
    I have never actually succumbed to a baby jogger - the general rule seems to be not to use them before the baby is 6 months old, and personally I just think that I wouldn't get anything out of a training run if I was pushing a jogger... Plus I am a bit neurotic about things like: what if he gets the hump 4 miles into the run and won't stop crying? How practical will it be to store all the paraphernalia needed (e.g. nappy changing stuff, water cup, snacks..).

    I have also found that I totally value my time out running alone - I get some "me" time and whilst it might mean that I only get to run 3 or 4 times a week instead of 5 or 6 like I did before I had him, it is still possible to fit it in! On the times when I can't run because I have to look after the baby I tend to go for a long walk with the normal pushchair and I reckon I probably get as much out of that than I would out of a perhaps less successful run with a jogger.

    NB. Whilst pregnant I had every intention of getting a jogger, but the reality of the baby changed my mind. And now I come to think of it, I don't see many people running with them either.... But I am sure you will hear from people who love them too!
  • On baby joggers - I have seen them on ebay.

    I can understand you wanting to plan ahead, I did too. However when Sadie (my 1st) was born, my husband and I discussed it and deceided not to go down this route.

    The reasoning was running has always been my time, my passion and a time for me have space to be alone and reflect on my day, life etc. As much as I love sharing all things with my daughter (and hope she runs with me when bigger :-)), we kept this a time for me and me alone. It takes more forward planning but I am glad I kept this time for me. I love my daughter to bits but being a new mum you get very little time to yourself and your sense or self can get a little blurry. Obviously this is a personal choice and eveyone is different, so I will stop waffling now!!
  • Help any doctors out there. Went for only my 4th run today since little mini me arrived last Sept but still having major problems with liver ache (only when I do run) after having HELLP Syndrome and Eclampsia immediately after the birth. Have given up on my Doc (as never get to see the same one and keep getting fobbed off somewhat), also still experiencing headaches every other day (associated with the high blood pressure that also occurred). Told not to worry about it!!! Don't really fancy a stroke at my age... (P.S. the above mentioned is not meant to scare anyone, only 2% of the popluation suffer from what I had - so don't panic). Anyone know anyone who could advise a very desparate me
  • Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't posted for a while. As I said to Decaff Caramel when she kindly emailed me, I'm fine, 13 weeks and one day (and counting) and have had to start wearing maternity trousers! The reason I haven't been here is I've been unable to run for so long--I was v paranoid during first 12 weeks, and also was very, very nauseous during and after a very gentle run I went on in early Jan. But now the sickness seeme to be wearing off and I can't wait to get running again. Going right back to basics with a simple 5 min jog, 1 min walk x about 4.
    Hope everyone else is OK. I have an appt with the midwives tomorrow, I feel like a VIP cos have already had 3 scans! The last one was amazing--could see baby having a drink and waving its little legs around.
  • As some of you may know i have been trying for a while, was on the dreadful clomid for a while and now on different treatments which are much better and are actually working. However my husband and i find the wait from when you ovulate till your totm is due absolutely agonising and i find myself over analyzing every little symptom wondering if it means i'm pregnant or not. Do any of you lot know of any very early signs that mean you're maybe pregnant, or is it just a case of waiting and seeing if totm arrives ??
  • Mini MoJo - Am most certainly not a doctor, but having had high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia and eclampsia have spent a lot of time with docs who deal with this stuff!
    I had great care (having spent 6 weeks in hospital (on and off) before delivery, 3 days in HDU after arrival and a subsequent 5 in with my son who was in NICU) with a lot of focus on getting my medication right. I am what (I believe) is medically termed "essential hypertensive" i.e. I suffer from high blood pressure when not pregnant, but REALLY suffer when I am pregnant! I don't know what part of the country you are located in, but I was treated in London and received brilliant care from my consultant. Even now I am on regular checks with my GP and have no complaints - so it is possible!
    Do you have private healthcare insurance? If so, I would definitely demand a consultant referral from your GP, and if not I would still try and get one....
    I would hasten to add that I have been very lucky and whilst I still have somewhat high blood pressure I have not suffered any other ill effects at all since about 6 weeks after my son was born (when my liver function FINALLY got back to normal). In fact I am just about to kick off the whole process of seeing the consultant again to try and get ahead of the game for another baby ;o)
    Try not to get too despondent.
    Hegs x
  • Hi Mrs O

    I can really sympathise with you there. It took me two years to diagnose my problem and then three horrible months of clomid before I concieved my 1st child Sadie. I have then been back on it for 8 months with an unfortunate miscarriage before this pregnancy.

    The wait is hard and I would almost imagine myself to be pregnant ever month. But in the end I got used to the clomid side affects. Also, I got so fedup with driving myself mad every momth, that I stopped memorising the dates and just carried on with life and focus on the other good things happening. It definately helped my sanity although I realise it is hard to do.

    Good luck - I am sure you will have good news soon :-)

  • Hegs

    Thanks for your input. Due to my current employer I don't have private medical insurance as they supply Docs for us. Unfortunately every time I go to see the GP its a different locum each time. My blood pressure was low before pregnancy and throughout, it was only when I developed the complications after that I suffered. I also spent time in HDU, however, the Consultant discharged me without any medication and I ended up being was re-admitted to hospital 2 days later as so ill. (Apparently should never have been sent home in the 1st place)!!! Only came off the medication end of Nov but blood pressure still alittle high for me then.

    Have just had a medical and mentioned my headaches again etc but seems to fall on deaf ears. Apart from my head actually exploding then they might take some notice of me. I'm currently in Norfolk, but hope to be moving in the next couple of months - so may have some joy with a new GP.

    Good luck with the Consultant and hope they give you some good advice and the care you need for your next baby. Unfortunately I've been told by the Consultant that I can never have another baby due to how bad I was. That's life I suppose but I'm very happy with what I've got so that keeps me content.

  • Mrs O lets hope its good news for you both. The only sypmtoms I can remember was that metalic taste, felt a bit dizzy now and again and I also had deep seated pains in my womb area (bit like mild period pains), and sore boobs. I suppose everyone is diffenet though and may find the other girls give different symptoms.

    Fingers crossed for you. Keep us up-dated...
  • Mrs O, in very early pregnancy (a couple of days before period was due) I found I had sore boobs and felt more tired than usual, but that was it. Unfortunately a lot of the early symptoms of pregnancy are very similar to period pain--some people have cramps and backache, headaches, nausea...and others, like my neighbour, have no symptoms whatsoever and get a surprise when they discover they are 14 weeks gone!
    Good luck!
  • mini mo jo - that's terrible. i feel so sorry for you! i know you have essentially given up on your GPs, but is there no way you can demand a referral? it isn't right that you should be suffering still. it sounds as though you shouldn't have to wait another 3 months or so, in case you move. phone NHS direct to get some advice? or speak to someone in your employers if you feel that you aren't getting the help you need from the docs they supply (not sure how easy that is). do you have an advice and counselling service (which doesn't necessarily have to be for things medical)?

    whatever you do - please don't leave it. it really doesn't sound right. (not that i know anything about it, but have just googled it, and it sounds v. scary).

    mrs o - i agree with americano. i was NEVER so sure that my period was about to start as when i was pregnant. i had those nagging period-type pains and felt crotchety and short tempered (what's new, huh?)

    i've just done an 8 mile road race, so am feeling GREAT! bump and i didn't even come last, which was quite a surprise. but my HR has suddenly shot up in the last week or so, so there were some alarming moments, when i checked my HRM, saw 165+ and suddenly had to slow right up. the problem is, i feel absolutely fine (apart from the bladder), so it's hard to know i'm working too hard!
  • mini mo jo - why don't you post a separate thread on this problem, asking for medical advice?

    someone like vrap or hipps (or any of the other GPs) out there might have some ideas...
  • boing for Mette Kirkensgaard
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