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  • Just posting here as have just signed up and want to post a fairly urgent question re: health... from this thread it seems I need to post a certain amount of replies before I'm allowed to start a thread? So: wondering if anyone would be kind enough to post this on my behalf in Health / Injuries? Thanks – I'd just really value some other runners' opinions :))
    best, Adam

    This be the post:

    Hi folks,
    Am due to run Brighton Marathon (in UK) this Sunday.

    Training has been fine and I've run a few marathons before so all was business as usual... until I came down with (presumed) Norovirus on Tuesday morning following a longhaul flight.

    The vomiting phase was about 8 hours and couldn't keep any liquids down so ended up dehydrated and obviously felt grim and exhausted (probably made worse by jetlag). After that a reasonable recovery, by last night (weds) could eat a full-size plain meal though mild stomach cramps after, and some residual upset stomach.

    Today (thurs) I still feel a bit washed out and achey – don't feel much like running. But equally, not terrible, able to work, and clearly on the mend.

    So: 3 days to go... Seeking honest opinions especially from experience – will I probably be ok to run Sunday's marathon (just maybe not push too hard) or would that be a stupid thing to do and should I accept now I need to drop?

    Thanks folks :)

  • Guess I'll follow the trend
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  • I made an account to get some answer to my survey
  • About working out and mobile app/wearable usage
  • For my Final Work regarding an Apple Watch triathlon app
  • Because my professor said I needed more research
  • And a survey is research
  • Thanks
  • Hi, I've just spent about half an hour staring at the 'Health and Injury' forum page trying to find a 'New Post' button so I can ask a question about a possible injury, and have finally ended up here! So I'm posting this entirely for the sake of posting, so that I can hopefully start a new thread at some point...
  • Does anybody know how many times you have to post before you can ask a question?
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