Tuesday 27th December 2005



  • Evening runners.

    Forgot to take my mobile phone charger on holiday (Lake District), so no internet for the last week :-( Still, lots of lovely running around Keswick. Some flat, and some very hilly.

    Just a light dusting of snow here in Milton Keynes. It's all we ever seem to get.

    What: 10 miles in glorious sunshine and not enough snow.
    Why: christen my new pair of flyrocs (thank-you santa!).
    Last hard: yesterday - hill session running up (a bit of) Skiddaw - and flew down afterwards :-)
    Last rest: 42 days
  • Thanks for that tigerrunner, I've entered Dewsbury 10k in early February, a good PB course (although I prefer the Percy Pud course) and hopefully, it will be kind to me (providing the XC races in january are fruitful)......
  • Evening all.

    Canned the bike ride, got a decent (easy) 12 miles in. It turned out to not be too slippy after all, in fact the snow had virtually all melted by the time I was half way through. Snowing again now though :-(

    Was planning a fairly hard MP session tomorrow, no idea if I'll be able to do that or not. I fear it may be a bit too slippy to risk running fast!

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Good runs yesterday FL & Venom, also congrats to Camaco, Scobos & anyone I have missed.

    14.25 miles done, heavy snow between 8-10 miles otherwise bright sunshine.

    My xmas CD presents rather betray my age group - Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue, a Tim Hardin compilation & Genesis 'Lamb Lies Down..'

    22 miles familiarisation on the new bike yesterday, lovely bit of kit. I was tending to oversteer at first, presumably due to the lightness of the bike and the quality of the bearings in the headset.

    Haven't been on here for a few days, hope you all had a jolly xmas day.
  • Okay, I'm 997 for 01 Jan-26 Apr
    I'm 1225.25 for 12 June to Today.
    So 2222.25 total mileage for definite, but I was training just as hard during the weeks I wasn't logging so...
    2686 is roughly the number of miles I've run this year!

    long hill reps today, 3 x 1 mile valley hill, 6:15, 6:27 and 6:17 but halfway through the snow started with a really harsh wind

  • Thanks Melissa, I got some of those tissues today.

    Stickless, I'm sure you're right about the 2am-4am feeling. Hope I get a better nights sleep and going by how I feel now it won't be long before I'm in bed. Symptoms got worse throughout the day and feeling a bit sorry for myself now:o(

    FL, I would've been screaming as I really do have a fear of dogs I don't know and especially if they're jumping at me!

    Sounds a treat Trinirunner, have a good time!

    nrg-b, being muscular will affect the weight. I have quite a bit of muscle for a woman and find I can't for the life of me get under 81/2 stone.

    Glad your back feels better!

    I'll count my yearly mileage on Sat:o)

    I've not had a cold like this for such a long time, a couple of years! Should I still carry on training at an easy pace. I feel like shi+e, but it's all above the chest?

    My plans for the week are
    Wed-am 15 miles, pm 5 miles
    Thurs-am 6 miles, pm 6 miles
    Fri-5 miles
    Sat-3 miles
  • Evening all from snowy Brussels,

    Hilly - hope you are feeling better - you really should not drink port in same quantities as you knock the red wine back!!

    What: 22kms including 3 lots of 15 mins off 3 min recoveries run at heart rate 160-165.

    Why: First work session since August and really noticed general lack of fitness.

  • Evening!

    Thanks for all the congratulations yesterday. Well done too to all those also racing yesterday: WP, Venom, Bryn, FL, M., et. al., and especially to JP, for getting a time we mortals can but dream of.

    What: 1hr25min at 72% avHR
    Why: Legs completely unfazed by yesterday's epic placing, it would appear. Perhaps I didn't push hard enough?

    debbo: I'm over visiting the parents for Christmas, but live in Barcelona.
  • Take care with the cold, hilly, if it's not on the chest yet, don't do too much (eg speedwork or longer than normal runs) or it could slip downwards. Keep sensibly dressed also. Increase your water and Vit C intake and try for indoor stuff more.

    This seemed to work for me in early December, as the cold I had didn;t go any further!

  • Evening,

    What: club Xmas social run. 7 to 8 miles in the crisp North Youk Moors. Followed by a rehydration exercise and one of the best stake and ale pies I have ever tasted
    Why: just for fun

    Last hard: ??
    Last rest: Sunday.

    Great fun today, knee deep in mud again :)

    Annual mileage here is 3178 (and that is with two months off).

    We've got a dusting of snow up here :)
  • Hilly - take care. Fingers crossed it behaves. There are some seriously nasty bugs out there.

    go well all.
  • Thanks for the tip Simon, I'll remember that next time:o)

    FL, I know this sounds a stupid question but would running in the cold put me at risk of it going onto my chest? I do have a treadmill so could run on there at an easy pace, even though it's so boring after 5 miles!
  • Thanks Stickless. I'm not a good patient or patient I'm afraid as I don't get ill very often! Obviously though I don't want to make things worse.
  • evening

    first posting since before Christmas


    Christmas Eve: 4 miles on the tready
    Christmas Day: walk round the block with family
    Boxing Day: Furnace Inn 5K - of those who completed (not all did) I was last - but hey I was out there! teenbeanz beat mrbeanz (a first) and it was great to meet Popsider at last
    Today: nothing - delivering my mother home through the snow and recovering from a house full of relatives was enough

    Tigerrunner, saw lot of runners caught out by the blizzard as I set off with my Mum

  • Hilly, couple of thoughts:

    I think most anything that stresses the system gives the virus an extra edge. Being cold, getting overheated and then chilled, a hard day's run. Having said that, 5 miles for you would quite possibly not count as hard, 3 miles for me certainly would.

    I think there is also a matter of driving the bug into lungs. I know it is folk lore amongst oboeists that playing oboe (which needs substantial lung pressure) is a good way of turning a head cold into a chest cold. Whether running fast enough to leave you breathing hard would have the same effect I'm not sure, should not want to find out.

    Anyhow, feet up now, our champ, and make sure tomorrow is a better day!

  • I managed to turn a head cold into a chest infection 3 years ago by running hard with it.

    If the race on Sunday is important I'd just run 5 miles easy each day until then.

  • mavamava ✭✭✭
    evening all.

    I'm now back in cold nasty London. One of my bags is still in Madrid, although my bike did manage to make it back. We had a mad transfer in Madrid, with only 30 minutes to get off the plane and run what felt like miles to the gate for our next flight. Sadly, a large number of bags failed to make the trip! I would strongly suggest avoiding flying with Iberia if you can.

    I guess I now have to get my head around running again.
  • Evening all,

    What: 7.5 mile steady cross country on Christmas Eve

    Why? Why not? It was dry and bright near Bristol - lovely day for a run.

    Last Hard: 5 miles tempo runnng on Boxing Day. Great run.

    Building up now for the Bath Half on March 19th. It will be my first half as I've stuck mainly to 10K's before. My quantity and quality of training has really picked up in the last 6 months (thanks to the good tips and advice from some of you) so next year's going to be a good year for PB's I feel.

  • Evening all,

    my numbers aren't quite as impressive, but am at 992 for the year, which includes one month off with a lurgy and two off with the stress fracture. This is my first year really running, as I said before, so I am very pleased. What would be a good number to aim for for next year? With the IM training, I was thinking 1500.
  • <Ahem>

    Melissa - I wouldn't go looking to set a mileage target for a year. You'll end up doing runs against your better judgement and for the sake of hitting an external target which does not relate to how you feel about running and life in general at that time.

    Just run the amount you can week to week which helps you progress towards your targets.
  • Yes, hilly, as BR says, take it easy if racing at the weekend. You could do treadie running, but I wouldn't do the twice a day running with a cold.

    There's a bloke at our club who did quite hard running through a cold one year, and ended up in hospital with pneumonia and restricted training for the next 3months. I have to take it easier during colds as my asthma gives me one of those horrid, annoying (to everyone) coughs!
  • Melissa - try for regular and consistent running, if you can. I've improved my times and fitness this year due to consistent training, and am subsequently enjoying my running more!
  • Didn't get to try the bike out in the end due to the snow.

    May as well do the mileages now.
    Run : 350
    Bike : 7325

    Would have been more if all of December hadn't been wiped out.
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