I have found when I go running after about 20 minutes I have to go to the loo - really quickly. This happens whenever I go running, whatever time of day. I eat a lot of fresh fruit n veg and don't want to cut this down too much has anyone got any suggestions how I can control it?


  • vince

    I can't find the article on here.. but in the september issue of RW addresses this issue (p30-31).

    my only suggestion would be to time your runs carefully (no pun intended!)
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Seldom suffer from it , but locate public WCs on your course ( or woodland/fields).
  • thanks Kell will look it up
    Dustin - mate I don't want to break stride! It's bad enough trying not to break wind!
  • Vince -- there are a couple of discussions under the Health & Injury section which deal with this problem.
  • Vince, on a previous thread quite a few people swore by a dose of loperamide (Imodium) before a run to prevent the dreaded trots. I've never tried it, but I run around city pavements and know where the loos are. The biggest pain in the pinny I have is the occasional "phantom poo", where my bowel screams for attention, I pop into the next available loo, and there's nothing there. Really infuriating.

    As Tim says, let the jet propulsion take its course (as long as you're sure it IS just wind) - by the time anyone notices, you'll have run out of sight anyway.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    I've been caught short like this on a couple of my long Sunday runs. I think it's down to the change in routine and eating patterns over the weekend, as it never happens on any of my evening runs during the week.

    On one occasion I actually had to squat in the middle of a wood and find some nice soft ferns to use as loo paper (SO embarrassing!!) Generally I find that leaving at least three hours between eating and running helps, also try to make sure you've emptied your bowels at some point during the day before you go running so there's not too much of a backlog so to speak ...
  • Surely the science boffins have sorted this out. I've tried avoiding dairy products,Imodium and a regular "habit" before running but it's STILL a problem, tho only early in the morning.I was very glad of the loo roll in the portable loos in Cardiff on Sunday. There MUST be another cure for the trots!
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