breathe easy nasal strips

maybe its just me,but i have noticed now on 4 occasions that,when i have used nasal strips on my nose to open my nasal passages and help me breathe easier when out for a long run,2 days after using them i always seem to get a stinker of a cold.i am wondering is it due to more bugs being drawn up my nose or is it just simply a figment of my imagination!!
any comments most welcome!!


  • I use nasal strips for both exercise and sleeping. It helps open up your airways, so you can take more air in. They have stopped my snoring and I actually feel like I am getting a better sleep.

    I tried a few nasal strips and brought them from eBay. Most of them where useless but I found one seller who has the genuine product rather than copies and they are amazing.

    Check them out, and they are not expensive at all so its always worth a try to see if they work for you -

    Best out there
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