My First Effort

Despite the 2 hour bike ride on Wednesday, and the VERY long hours driving yesterday, and my daughter waking me at 1 in the morning with an SMS to remind me to do something today, and being at school from 8 - 2 with a numeracy summer school....

I managed to drag my weary and yawning body in trainers and set off at a brisk walk down the steep hill to the canal with the intention of running 60s then walking 90s 4times, turning round and repeating before dragging my body back up the hill to home.

I failed... in one sense! My body gave up after 10 mins, so I left the towpath at the first bridge and walked briskly home.

In another sense I succeeded! I got out there. I DID run. (not for much but I did run) and I even forced my body to walk briskly back up the hill to home.

It may not be much but it was a start. The reason I gave up so quickly is probably down to the fact that I forgot to take my inhaler before I left and my chest felt very tight.

All the way home from school my mind was making excuses NOT to go.. I need to do food trainers, although an excellent make... are 5 years old... Im tired after the busy week etc...

Im glad I made the effort. I will try again on Sunday and then again on Wed. In time there WILL be an improvement!!



  • Sue,
    Good on you for getting out of the house! I too suffer from the "mind-is-against-me" complex, where I seem to dream up lots and lots of excuses for not doing it. All I can say is "don't listen to that little voice!"
    Good luck for your run on Sunday!
  • Sue, well done! You got out there which is the first hurdle over with. That is excellent news.

    It's going to take some time, but you will get there. But you yourself said you were glad you made the effort, which is a really positive attitude.

    Keep trying, because although it feels tough now, you will get there if you just keep going. Try not to dwell on what you may see as a failure. Just see it as a session that didn't go so well, but at least you managed to get out there. Then move on and and focus on the next session. Putting the sessions in your diary and blocking out time for them may help you to stick to them if you feel that may be a problem to you...

    Please keep telling us how you are doing!


  • Well done, Sue. That wasn't a failure. You got out, you kept moving at a purposeful pace, you even pre-empted the beginner schedules by doing a bit of running. And that hill will be less steep next time you climb it.

    When I got back on the road after a 3-month break at the beginning of July, even 60-second runs were beyond me until I'd done a couple of weeks of brisk walking.

    Don't leave it too long before you reward yourself with a good pair of new running shoes from a specialist running shop. The rest of the kit is optional, but you're really going to need the footwear.
  • Dont let the odd bad day put you off, ive been doing this running thing for a few months now, and it feels so good and you feel so proud when you get to the day when you can do the 30mins without stopping, FAB!
    altho theres still days when i give in and have to walk home, and theres always a voice in my head giving me a good reason why i should stay in and eat crisps and drink beer!!!
    keep it up it'll be worth it!! let us know how your doing.
  • Hello Sue,

    Just wanted to say well done!!

    As V-rap says, you got out there and sometimes that's more than 1/2 the battle.

    I read your other thread and you got a lot of good advice.

    Make sure you listen to it and you'll have lot's of good running ahead..

    Don't be too hard on V-rap either. You know that the advice / cajoling etc. was well meant and relevant. She ALWAYS(?) talks sense. Even for a dinosaur!

    Keep it up!

    All the best,

  • well done for going out! that's always the hardest part. i find that once i've actually closed the front door behind me the running is the easy bit! and you'll be surpised how quickly you improve, that's one of the great things about being a beginner - you'll be jogging and running in no time. enjoy it - look at the world around you and smile. after all - would you rather be home doing the dishes or out getting some fresh air and exercise?!!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Well done - you did much better than I did first time out. I have worked up from 30 seconds gentle jogging making me so puffed I thought I would be sick, to now being able to run (albeit slowly) for 3 hours and enjoying it.

    You have made the first step - enjoy basking in the glory, and look forward to 11 minutes next time!

    And don't forget to use your inhaler, tsk tsk, naughty girl!
  • Well done Sue. Don't stop now. Plan your next outing and tell those little voices....they can all wait 15 mins whilst you have your second run.

    Remember, it will get easier and if you keep at it and break through that barrier it really is a wonderful feeling and great fun.
  • Fiona MFiona M ✭✭✭
    YAAYYYY!!! Well done Sue! Definitely do the new running kit thing (or bit of it), it makes you feel more the part...and hey, once you've bought the thing, you want to get your money's worth (or is that just the Scot in me? ;-) )

  • The running shoes I have at present were bought by accident rather than intention...

    I have broad feet and found normal sports shops didnt stock trainers wide enough, so I ventured down to the local running shop. They sold me a pair of Sauceny and I love them. 5 years on and just general day to day wear.. they need to be replaced for the serious stuff.

    I thought I'd found a local stockists in Nuneaton, but I couldnt find the shop. Looks like I may have to venture into Conventry or Birmingham.

    As for clothes... I ended up borrowing a pair of my son's joggy trousers and a large t-shirt. I didnt have anything suitable. Looks like I need some new gear, for the casual runner! (any excuse! I am female after all! heehee)
  • Whopee, hooray, well done, first steps. And we look forward to Sunday's instalment, and Wednesday's and...

    I believe in slow. Run slowly, and then try running even more slowly. Pretend you are running on eggs and mustn't break them. Put each foot down carefully - and that takes time, by the way, so you go even slower. And then you'll discover you aren't even out of breath.

    I got my asthmatic son to accompany me once. He had no idea he could run 6M and come back feeling he could go out and do it again. That's how slow I ran.

    Bravo, again, I say bravo. Looking forward to your next post. Marj
  • Nice one Sue - well Done :o)
  • Well done Sue.

    The only failures are the ones who don't try. Keep going a bit at a time.
  • I like Marj's idea of running VERY slowly! With everyone talking times.. I felt I wasnt running fast enough. Now I'll try for slower and hopefully manage more.

    Thanks for all the tips and encouragement! You ARE a great bunch!

  • When is your next planned outing Sue?
  • Sunday...
    havent decided what time of day. But I have been out and bought some shorts, t-shirts and a baseball kit. Better than running in son's gear.

    I'll have to wait until I have time to find a decent running shop before I can buy the trainers I want.

  • This is absolutely fantastic - I wish I could persuade my wife to put on some running shoes...
  • Fiona MFiona M ✭✭✭
    Look forward to hearing about your run today, Sue! Enjoy your new kit!

    Hubby (who has tried joining me on a run-walk twice, having never run before and already knackered his knees) feels most athletic in his new T-shirt and bottoms, and as he's walked the usual circuit in his new gear, he got a sympathetic nod from fellow walking-runner coming in the opposite direction saying, "are you injured too?". He felt so chuffed he could now be mistaken for an injured runner!! HOWEVER wouldn't recommend that you follow his lead.....;-)
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