Fat Club Saturday 24th August

Hi all. Am I first? Goodness gracious me!

I'm off to Wales next week so will no doubt live on seaweed and lamb. (Lamb! LAMB! You can come out now! I didn't mean you!)

Got caught at the gym yesterday by the scales beaming up at me saying "go on, just a little peek." So on I stepped and they told me I'd put on three pounds since Monday. Now, I know I've been eating a bit more this week and glycogen holds three times its weight in watr and my hair was wet from the shower and blah blah, but NOBODY can put on weight that quickly.

Of course, what it really means is that I've lost one pound, not four, in the past fortnight, which is good. But seeing that number on the scales put me right off the idea of having a slice of cake with my coffee in the bookshop afterwards.

Have a good week!


  • OBOB ✭✭✭
    Its amazing isn't how we (and I include myself here) still use weight as a means of determining how we are progressing when its a very unreliable method for people who are using exercise to get themelves into shape.

    Since I started running pre FLM 2002 my weight has gone down & up but its not a lot different from when I started, but my shape has changed quite a bit as some of the fat has gone to be replaced by leaner but heavier muscle.

    How do we break this dependency on the scales??

  • arghh well my healthy eating, no alchol resolution went out the window last night as I drank 3/4 botle of white and ate half packet of kettle crisps whilst putting the world to rights with a friend. Good thing was the crisps were instead of supper not as well as.
  • Hi everyone,
    Well I've been a bad, bad girl..! My friend came over last night to show me her brand new top of the range Jaguar she had just taken delivery of.. did I say 'friend', oh I think I meant 'bestest friend in all the world' didn't I??!!! Anyway, the Mr. was out all evening, so my friend & I went up to the pizza place (in the Jag!) and got a couple of takeaways and 2 portions of garlic bread - which we devoured when we got home.. oh along with a bottle of champagne.. well, the champagne was just for me as my friend wasn't drinking, cos of the drive home... But this morning I have redeemed myself with an 8 mile run (half of which was uphill..!!). Mind you, I really felt energised on the run - must be all those carbs!! Weigh-in on Monday... oh dear.. Have a good weekend all.
    Michelle x

  • You went for an 8 mile run after a bottle of champagne the night before??? *awe*
    *collapses in exhaustation just at the thought*
  • Gemini - years of practice...!!!! (drinking that is.. not running..!!!)
    Michelle x
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