I've only just begun...

Hello everyone!
I got fed up with being lazy in February and started walking with my baby for 1 hour per day. Then I started walking faster. Before I knew it, I was running (v. slow and without the pram..) When I managed to run 5 miles without stopping I felt such a sense of achievement!
I have now applied for 2 races, the first on in 7 weeks (Dulwich 10K charity fun run ) and the other in November (Rainforest Foundation 10K) I have read loads of articles and started to subscribe to Runners world. I am very excited and look very much forward to the races. I have even inspired my younger brother to take up running again. He completed a half-marathon a few years back but has since "gone to pot". As he so graciously puts it "If you can do it, really, anyone can!"
I must say I agree with him.Hope to hear inspiring stories from all you fit people out there. And if you happen to meet me at any of the above races, I'll probably be the one coming in last, with the biggest grin on my face!!!!



  • And the one getting the gbiggest cheer. Well done so far and keep enjoying it.
  • Well done Catrine! Like you I'm new to running, and did my first (and only) 5K in the Race for Life this year. I really admire you managing to run with a baby - fortunately mine are now too old to need to be pushed around! I've subscribed to RW too. I was wondering whether or not to enter the Dulwich 10K, and your message has given me the push I needed. I will send off the form today.
  • Thank you "head gone" for your words of encouragement.
    Excellent Elizabeth T. I might see you in Dulwich! (I've got 2 girls to cheer me on - 5 and 1 years old and hubby).

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