Running with a bump!

Are there any other pregnant runners out there?
I'm just coming up to 24 weeks now, and getting a few strange looks when running out and about or on the treadmill!
Up to what point did you continue to run and have you any tips at all for a first timer runner with a rapidly growing bump!?



  • Annie I didn't think you were supposed to run at all when pregnant. I'll send Doctor V-Rap in this direction. Congrats BTW
  • Congrats Annie!!

    I have a friend who ran for most of her pregancy and experienced no problems but I really think you check with your doctor/obstretician. You wouldn't want to risk anything.

    I wasn't allowed to exercise in either of my pregnancies because of previous history but if you get the green light from your doctor I would. I ended up putting on masses of weight and still need to get rid of some nearly 6 years after my last child!
  • I was reading about women runners last night (yes, still on that book!) and RE pregnancy the advice was as long as the doc says you're in good shape then go for it!

    Cited quite a few elites who'd done marathons when pregnant/run to 8 and 9 months etc etc.

    The good news is too that theres evidence to say that women who've had kids often run better with the same training than those who haven't. Something to do with improved stamina/higher pain threshold/hormones or whatever....

    Happy running (but do check it out with the doc first)!!!
  • H: sorry seem to be following you around at the moment! But, yes, my experience is that I am so much stronger since kids. Could be the pain threshold being redrawn but I do think there is a physical difference.

    Sonia O'Sullivan said much the same thing recently i.e. that post-children she's got much more stamina.
  • I got told off for runnig up a hill pushing an empty pram (just collected from the shop on way to antenatal appointment) when 38 weeks pregnant. I wasn't a runner then, but used to run everywhere anyway. Doc said it had put my blood pressure up and would I mind not doing it again until after baby born.

    She's 23 now by the way, and didn't seem to have suffered for having an 'active pregnancy' experience'

    Seriously, congrats, and V-rap has been summoned for you.
  • Of course you run faster when you have had children.....because there is more incentive to get out of the house and train..........FREEDOM!

    (actually I think there is some medical evidence to show that the pelvis stretching makes you quicker afterwards)

    I agree with H. there have been several top athletes who have trained late into their pregnancies. I think Liz McCollgan was one. Anyway I'm glad you made it past the running with morining sickness (My Mrs didn't this time :-( so she's had 28 weeks of inactivity now). I would say take it V easy, listen to your body and stop in plenty of time!..

    Good luck for the beginning of June!
  • Hope you're looking after her BBB.

    Any names yet?
  • Congrats Annie, I like your attitude. Personally, I always tried to keep running even during the conception. This was difficult at first until we discovered the "wheelbarrow" method. The only problem was in races when the timekeepers would insist that my wife had finished ahead of me.

    Good luck!
  • As long as you are well then running during pregnancy is fine.
    Lots of elites have done it. Ingrid Kristensen famously only stopped running at 38 weeks and started again when her baby was 5 days old. More recently Sonia O'Sullivan trained during her pregnancy
    There is even some physiological evidence that pregnancy improves running performance because of increased oxygen carriage. This led to a rather strange
    urban legend

    Just one caution: in your 2nd and 3rd trimester you have a hormone whizzing about that softens your ligaments and tendons. This allows for some extra room at various sites. However, it can make you more vulnerable to pulling something when stretching. I advise pregnant athletes to be careful not to overstretch.

    Good luck with the pregnancy and the running!
  • Thanks everyone for your comments and words of wisdom! Much appreciated!
    Luckily enough my doctor and midwife are of the opinion that as long as I maintain my fitness levels and not aim to imcrease them then keep up with the running!
    Like I said though, it's great to read all your thoughts! I'm now just deliberating whether to enter a Half (Petersfield) in March ~ anyone done that one?
  • Are you sure you meant to thank everyone? Must be losing my touch.
  • I ran all the way through my second pregnancy- your body slows you down naturally, I found it very difficult to overdo it. I did my last race at 7 months- a 3 mile fun run- which I won, Ihad no problems apart from the odd criticism from non-running trogs who see pregnancy as an excuse to eat a food mountain, order their husbands about and double in size!
    Healthy baby 8lb 15 oz, born approx 3 weeks late so all that nonsense about premature underweight babies doesn't wash with me.
    However each woman is an individual, listen to your body and stop if it hurts.
  • I stopped running when I was only about 10 weeks pregnant due to sore boobs! Even on the treadmill all that joggling around was agony. So well done for getting so far - I really admire you all. I did manage to swim half a mile 3 or 4 times a week right up to and even after my due date... much to the consternation of the lifeguards at my local pool.
  • I got looks of consternation from my mates at the football I was due to go in and get induced that evenig, but in a last ditch attempt to get my Cheshire baby I did Stockport away- I also decided to fortify myself for the torture ahead with several blobs, a couple of pints of guinness, fish and chips and a McDonalds. Waste of time after the inducing drugs I threw it all back up again-nice.
  • Blob, is that the hot alcoholic drink, thought you could only get it in swansea
  • I kept forgetting to drop in, and now I've missed the party.

    Annie, keep running for as long as you enjoy it. There's a lot of urban myth about running and pregnancy, and how long you continue will depend on how you feel - some elites (Liz McColgan, notably) have run marathons at 7 months, and Monique demonstrates that running fast over a shorter distance can be done safely too.

    Pregnancy wouldn't be a good time to start a running programme if you don't already run, but if you're a regular runner already it makes MUCH more sense to continue running that to turn into a slug (which I did - I put on 4 stone with each of my first three babies and 5 stone with the fourth).

    A woman who is now a good 7 months pregnant goes to the same BodyPump class as I do, and her only concessions to the bump are that she puts her bench at a slope and does rows instead of clean-and-presses. She still piles 20kg+ on the bar without breaking sweat.
  • Tired Hippo, indeed it is and very popular in Stockport, also any Yates Wine Lodge- not that I've been in them all of course.
  • Boing for Brucie
  • And again - has he found it yet?
  • Vrap thanks for that. My sister in law is 13 weeks gone and has been told not to run at all, she was never much of a runner anyway. She has been telling me all the things I will have to give up when I do eventualy become pregnant hopefully some time next year <touching wood>. If I had to give up everything she said I wouldn't get out the front door of a morning! I knew I could carry on running boobs willing but thought that Body Pump would have to go out the window. Seems not if done sensibly and I only lift about 8 kg. Hoooray!
  • I found this thread eventually - thanks Hippo. I'll let the missus know that this exists.

    Having read through the postings I think she would agree with Monique.....
  • Son of Brucie, congrats to you and the missis on the impending arrival, I hope it all goes well for you both.
  • I've just come accross this thread. Good luck Annie - I hope you have an easy pregnancy and enjoy running your way through it.
    I had a baby in January and ran right through. I didn't race but did enjoy keeping reasonably fit! I looked on every day I could continue running as a bonus and had a contingency plan ready in case I had to stop!
    The most important thing is that you and your baby stay healthy, if running can contribute to that great, if not, it's time to stop
    Keep us posted!
    Ps - not sure pregnancy counts as an injury!!
  • The most important thing is listen to your body! I am currently 30 weeks and still out most days, getting slower but it is making my pregnancy much easier! This is my second pregnancy and although I ran in my first I have kept it much more regular this time and the benefits are fantastic! No nasty symptoms, no aches and pains, problems sleeping! Though my appetite is huge!
  • Hi, just seen a message about birth weight, I was told that because of the increase in blood flow e.g. oxygen and nutrients to the unborn that you are more likely to have a bigger baby! Makes sense to me and my first was 9lb, only 2 months to go and I think this one will be bigger. Only down side was I had to have an emergency section because of his size! I wasn't happy as I had to wait 6 weeks before I could run again!
  • I'm glad I found this thread - I'm nearly 12 weeks and stopped running at 6 because of nausea and being so tired. Since then I've eaten loads and put on 7lbs already (not good going when you aren't running).. I'm thinking about trying to get back out there but after nearly 6 weeks off I'm a bit concerned that I've forgotten how to do... Maybe when I wake for my second pee of the night I may go out for a few miles instead of eating biscuits...
  • Hi Gayle,

    If the morning sickness is starting to subside I would recommend that you put those running shoes on again! If not only for your mental health.
    p.s. I put weight on quickly in the first 3 months then as I kept active the rest of the weight gain appears to be all baby, maybe thats wishful thinking! It's a long 40 weeks if your not running!
  • HI

    That is great to hear - roll on tomorrow morning I may give it a go.
  • Hi there

    I see this is an old thread but would love some advice. I am preganant with my second child. I did not run for my 1st pregnancy and regretted it. Is it ok to run? What were your experiences? Thanks clare
  • Clare

    I didn't get my shoes on when I said I was going to and really regretted it. Now my littel one is 6 months old and I have only been out a handful of times - I definitely regret it and keep telling myself I am going to get back out there biut never seem to find the time. If you can then get out there it is quite safe just take it easy - drink plenty and don't go too fast.

    Good luck
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