• Fatbutfit
    I think of my height in feet and inches, my weight in stone and pounds, I drink pints, I run 10 min miles and I think of 5k as 3.1 miles, and do split the race into 3 chunks accordingly. I was taught metric at school but grew up in a world where everything still seemed to be imperial. A few years ago i worked in a deli while I was a student and we measured everything in pounds and ounces.
    I just find imperial measure much easier to envisage.
    I will be 26 next Friday, and if the diet goes well 2 pounds lighter than I am today.
  • Daisy - I find it really sad (and annoying) that we live in a culture that will not, cannot, move forward into the future. What you say sums up a lot that annoys me about the UK that, although you were taught in metric, you have been "indoctrinated" (not the best description but you know what I mean) to adapt to imperial. It's much like one of the arguments about the Euro - we cannot give up the pound. Why? It's only a term for money.

    I'm giving up on this thread now before I really start ranting about the way the bulk of the UK stick their heads in the sand and wonder why this country is rapidly going backwards in world terms - it's because we can't give up the past and move into the future! AAAAAAAARRGGHHH!!

    After all this is a running forum, not a political one.

    PS - if you worked in that deli now you would HAVE to work in metric.

  • sorry FBF
    yes I know I would have to work in metric, but I also know I would have to translate into imperial for a lot of people (esp the over 60s).
    However, although this is not supposed to be political, I would like to have the euro over here, it seems so stupid that the rest of Europe has integrated themselves together with the single currency and we are one of the only countries not to have joined, isolating ourselves further.
    Basically I sometimes feel there was no point being taught metric at school, because everytime you gave a metric measurement to someone they would ask 'whats that in pounds/inches/miles?'.

    Now work for a sheet metal company, aluminium ordered in millimetres.
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