My 1st 6 Miler

Friday;I done it... attempted 6 miles, felt good, did bit extra...turned out 6.75 miles (according to car mile-ometer)in 1h 03 its Monday and im shattered...treadmill session this pm.


  • Well Done

    I expect it will be a while before I can achieve such a feat! I managed a 3.5 mile brisk walk yesterday.. probably could have done a lot more.... but we were back home.. how sad! heehee

  • Well done FPO, it's a real sense of achievement when you know you can do that 10k distance and your time is brilliant if that's the first time you ran it!. That's about my time after training hard since my first 10k in July (london road race).Are you working towards anything in particular, or just personal goals?. I did just over 6 miles yesterday so I'm going to do a shorter but hopefully faster 5k today - preparing for the Nike run in a months time

    wotafool - walking is the best way to start, you'll really notice each time you go out that you can do that little bit more which is really encouraging - what's your goal?
  • My time includes a nasty 3/4 mile hill after 1 mile ! gonna try 7 miler at end of the week. As long as i stay at/under 10 min miles, im happier than a pig in the poop !

    My aim is Windsor 1/2 next yeay and FLM 2004 !
  • Wow! - v.impressed with the hill thing. I've been told that the Nike run in Richmond park has hills and so I really need to start practising - any tips??. Just got back from my 5k which was fine - I managed 25mins, so not bad for me. If anyone had told me 6 months ago that I would be doing this - I'd have dismissed them as insane -still, I'm loving every step of it!. Good luck with the 7 miles.
  • "I've been told that the Nike run in Richmond park has hills and so I really need to start practising - any tips"

    oh no!
  • Hi Ko

    My aim at the moment is to get fit! I've looked at upcoming races, but there dont seem to be any 5k ones within a decent distance. So for now I dont have a particular race to aim for.

    At present I guess my aim is to be able to run for 30 mins, preferably by the end of November. Or is that too soon??

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    That sounds like an ideal goal, achievable but not too easy.

    Go for it!
  • i have finally found my 10K pace! After running too fastslow I finally found my pace at aroun 163 beats per minute. I have no idea how fast that I am sure that is going to get me 'breaking' my previous PB of 60mins. (I can do 4km in about 20 mins)
    6 months on I still feel like a bit of a beginner but feel as if I really know my body now!
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