Ashford & District 10K

Did the "other" 10k in Ashford a couple of years ago which was a really pleasant run, haven't done this one before, anyone able to tell me where the route takes us?


  • Did this this year and thought it one of the best 10k,s I've done, the second half of the race was a bit more'undulating' than the first but overall I felt this was a good all round test....... Couldn't tell you where it started and finished. it began from a small village well outside the town and was on quiet rural roads mostly.....
  • Thanks for that, the other race in Ashford is also very good, starts from the Julie Rose Stadium and ends with a lap of the track at the stadium.

    We will look at doing this one, should be living around Ashford by then so would be very easy to get to.
  • It's a downhill course overall, so PBs are definitely possible. The course is 100% rural, but I cannot remember the name of the place it starts from - I think it's a civil service sports club, but...
  • I've done this a couple of years running and really enjoyed it. It's outside the town, starting up at Sandyhurst Lane (along from the running club at Sandyacres) and up through Westwell then back to Sandyacres for the finish. I'd recommend it, there's one hill at around 7km but otherwise it's pretty much flat or downhill.
  • I did this race last year, and have to say that it is one of my favourites. Have just entered online for 2007, can't wait.
  • Its a lovely course that is in the main down hill - or feels like its down hill. There is a nice little undulation at about 7k that you need to save a bit for other than that I echo the others in that this is my favourite 10k course DW
  • Got my number back for this one, Number 11 see you there....
  • Look out for the hill around 7K nasty if you don't like hills.I've done it twice now got a PB last time. Over all, a good course.See all this year.
  • Mmmm. I'm thinking of doing this one. Is it pretty?
  • im in 3rd year running in places pretty yes
  • This is my club 10k, I use a Garmin GPS HR monitor and download my runs to Motionbased as my on-line log. So click on the attached link to see my run from last years race and the route.

    Note that you need to walk about 1km from where you park to the start line, and the finish is back at the playing fields where you more then likely parked your car. Makes for a good warm up before the race starts.

    Ashford & District 10k 2006

    Good luck to all who enter, might see you on the day.

  • Dex, very funky gadget. A dream for someone who likes their running stats. I'm always looking for accurate contour maps of races I run, but organisers are typically rather vague on such detail...
  • Interesting Dex - your time is almost exactly the same as mine on my Garmin :-) - see you there again then! Benny - they are fantastic never used to know how far I had run, hr etc since getting this my running has improved no end.
  • Can someone give me directions to Ashford/sandyacres from the Dartford Tunnel? I want to do this run but am coming on my own and am a bit nervous about finding my way there
  • straight down the M20, see link
  • Hi there's a problem with the website at the moment. Go down the M20 to Junction 9 follow the signs for Faversham. On the left you will see Sainsbury and the Ashford International Hotel go to the roundabout you will know it by the cardboard cows on it. There turn right onto the A20. Drive along to the next roundabout and go sraight aheadon the duel carriagway get into the right hand lane and cross the carriageway at the next left turning into and keep going down that road. You will cross the M20 and keep going on that road There will be plenty of folks around. Good luck Lynn

  • Hi Guys
    Is this mainly off road ?
    E.g. Is it a good one for my ITBS ?!!
  • Sorry Phil, it's all on road, nice quiet roads, but roads none the less, so your ITBS maybe won't appreciate it, likewise my own achilles tendonitis!
  • Thanks a lot bald-eagle. I might have to give this one a miss then !
  • this was the first race i ever did before the hastings half in 2006 andi enjoyed it.
    its not hilly only the one .
  • Has anybody worked out how to enter in advance? The club website isn't exactly overflowing with information... in fact I couldn't see anything about the race, or much else, for that matter?!

    I quite fancy running this as a tempo / winter fitness test.
  • James,

    There is a form on the web site at Race Entry Form.html or a pdf to print off and fill in at Form.pdf or on runners world via the events section.

    Just out of interest, anyone know what the momento is ?????

  • Hi, I entered on line. See you all there x
  • Please note that the entry limit for this event has now been reached. Do not travel on the day if you do not have a place.
  • does anybody know how many entries there are ?
  • We have accepted a total of 650 entries.
  • usual well run thanks felt sorry for the two ladies just after 8k road block with the arsey chelsea tractors linning up good bunch of runners as well
  • Enjoyed the course, although I found 6km to 9km quite hard going. Otherwise excellent organisation and marshalling. I didn't come across any vehicles on the route either, which was a bonus.

    I ran with my mate until 2km (6:10!), then he set off into the distance for second place, I ran the remaining 8km all alone to finish 7th, time in the 33's. Not sure who the winner was, but he seemed fast! Friend finished in the 31's (not bad from 6 weeks training since returning from injury) but never saw the leader after he broke clear soon after the first kilometer.

    On the negative side:
    There only appeared to be the one toilet for 400(?) men. I got to the car park in good time (before 10am) but the queue was already very long. Perhaps a couple of portaloos would help?

    Also although I got away ok, I'd imagine the carpark situation will upset some!
  • Hi James, there were more toilets in the changing rooms further down the corridor.

    My first run for a while, must remember to do more training for my next run! Such a lovely course and very friendly. Thanks A&D
  • I did this race first 10K and I enjoyed it.The hill was a challenge and I loved the scenery. Ended up coming in at 54 mins 52 secs. chuffed :)
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