Worst Experience with Knickers

As it's national knickers day, let us know your stories.

Don't you just hate it when you set off on a run and they ride up. You find that you need to yourself but you didnt realise there was someone behind you.

Ever been running past a tree etc without really thinking and then whoops youre caught on a branch. You try and free yourself but it's at a price?

Come on girls DavidB awaits


  • Is it my Birthday?
  • Wear a thong and so far have not had any problems, but on a serious note not sure if they'll be very comfy running FLM.

  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Sorry, can't help with knicker anecdotes, but just to keep DavidB happy .....

    There´s a Sally Larsson cartoon about knickers, where the punchline is - "One day, EVERY day will be a best knickers day."

    Since my early 20s, I´ve aspired to this state. Now I´ve reached it (it took YEARS), I´m blowed if I´m going to wear a frilly pair of handwash-only knickers under my running tights.

    That´s not the real reason why I don´t wear knickers to run. Going commando is just far more comfortable. And reduces the amount of washing that I have to do as well.

    DavidB, will that doÞ
  • Looks like you've lost your touch Lizzy.
  • SS, up your arse has got to beat round your ankles!

    I was once so hungover that I wore my thong sideways to work and didn't realise until morning break. I then couldn't summon the will to get undressed and sort them out. (I don't think I did very good lessons that day somehow...)
  • Can I quote you on that Helen T ? Completely out of context of course.

    As my pal Helen always says : 'up your arse has got to beat round your ankles!'

  • Boing - asll three knicker threads at the top ?
  • Thanks Lizzy, you're a luv XXX

    All three knicker threads at the top? Are you commenting on Helen's dress sense Cougie?

    Helen: one of the finest knicker thread posts I've ever read. Well done!
  • I think I can use that quote for just about any occasion.

    I'll try and slip it in a few times throughout the afternoon, and see how I get on.
  • Cougie Cougie quick look I got your comment in. I think I used it in the right context!!

  • You Bu**er !!

    I'm laughing at my pc now with tears rolling down my cheeks (face cheeks that is)

    Not long til they take me away I reckon.

    V v v funny !
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Chimp! I'm wounded! Mortally! But you're right. Is this better?

    I went on holiday with an ex-boyfriend (I'd dumped him the previous week but felt sorry for him).

    On the first morning, not wanting him think he was in with a chance (we were sharing a hotel room) I got dressed into knickers and t-shirt in bed.

    I then got out of bed and walked across the room to get some trousers out of my rucksack ...

    ....as I bent over he reminded me that what I thought were my 'big knickers' was in fact my sports bra, which was round one leg only, and revealing rather more than a pair of Anne Summers crotchless knickers would in similar circumstances....
  • ...so what happened next, Lizzy???
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Well Meerkat ...He remained my ex-boyfriend for the duration of the holiday. Well, after tht humiliation I just couldn't give him a second chance could I? Even if he had wanted to.

    But he retaliated by spending our entire journey home playing a song which was in the charts at the time (called something like "I want you back") ad nauseum from Fort William (where we were staying) to Nottingham. He then wasted no time in telling all our mutual friends about the 'crotchless bra' experience. Some of them still remember. No wonder I had to leave the country.
  • Exiled because of a misplaced bra! It's a tragic tale, Lizzy.
  • Noooo LizzyB.

    Back on form! You havent lost it after all.

    Welcome back. Cant wait for the snow to melt.
  • Very sad indeed. Still i guess that we all have our cross to carry.

    Looking closely at your picture got me thinking - Fort William - snow - misplaced bra!! The picture is a bit blurred though, do you have anything closer or maybe the ex-boyfriend as a web page with a selection of shots?
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭

    It's melted.

    Haven't been posting cos I've been sunbathing.

    Headline in newspapaer last week (obviously, it was in Icelandic) "Reykjavik - warmer than Malaga"

    Been out running in just a crop top (and tights, shoes, etc, obviously). In Iceland? In February? Now that's sick.
  • Its a hard life isn't it Lizzy?

  • LestradeLestrade ✭✭✭
    LizzyB, Nottingham was never the same again!
  • RW are going to have to update this site and rename Gear as: Pants (with occasional serious non-shreddies connected posts)
  • Fta Face, I just tried to look at your correct context use of Cougie's quote, and the thread has been deleted: just how rude was it?!
  • Wasn't rude - just v v v funny !
  • It's still there, try again or go manually to "Nose Plaster Type Things" thread, still in Gear Forum (back a page and a half at the moment.
  • OK, It's all underwear on page one! (or it will be after I've done some boinging!)
  • page 2 !!!
  • Helen T, how do you wear a thong sideways?
  • Sarcy, not sure of exact method, but preparation involves quite a large amount of evil drink. Bottom line is, your leg is throuygfh the waist bit, your (large if mine) waist is jammed into the leg ole and a wider bit than should be is wedged up your ass crack.

    Hangover=no thong
  • Helen: I mada a reference to your quote on p1093 of DS2. I don't think they knew what I was going on about!

    If you're lucky you may find it here:

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