No going back now! Just entered my first 5k! Aarrrghh!

So, following everyone's wise words on here, I've taken the plunge and entered the run I was having second thoughts about. I decided that the training will obviously be a good thing and, as it's my first run, all I need to do is finish it and enjoy it. So, I've got nine weeks and two days to go from zero to 5k! Help! Ha ha!


  • Well done! You will be absolutely fine - stick to a realistic schedule, and enjoy the day! There's nothing like your first race, I still remember mine! GOOD LUCK!

  • Zero to 5k?  You've done the C25k plan, yes? image

  • I'm doing a zero to 5k plan from a magazine, so basically the same thing I guess! And when I've finished that (it's six weeks long), I'm joining a local running club so they can give me extra support. I'm one week into the plan now.
  • Good stuff.  Any decent C25k plan will have you running 5k in no time. image

  • Well, hopefully it'll do the trick! It's from a running magazine but, being a running virgin, I just have to hope it's a good one image
  • I found my plan in 'Men's Health' magazine - and they got it from Runner's World image .  Before that, I was chugging around my local block (once) and not noticing any improvements whatsoever.  Started the plan, got a bit disheartened at first, but decided to come back to it and give it a real chance.  I did that, and now my maximum is nine miles.  I'm currently building back up to that after a knee problem, I broke 5k yesterday for the first time since the niggle. image

    These plans work for sure. image

  • Vicky, have a look and see if there is parkrun near you.

    You don't even have to do the whole run, some people in our local one started by doing a half circuit, and by completing it on a walk/run program

  • Aww, there isn't one anywhere near me unfortunately. I'm in Maidstone and the nearest one is about an hour's drive away, if not more image
  • Hi Vicky, I've just been looking for anyone doing this run. I haven't signed up yet as I haven't completely decided, but if I do it, it will be my first serious 5K too. I did do the Race For Life with family once but I wasn't interested in running then and underestimated how hard it would be, walked most of it. This time, I'll have trained properly, have the right shoes etc.

    Are you getting sponsored for anything? I'd like to do mine for The Albert Kennedy Trust, but I only emailed them yesterday and haven't heard back yet. I've never used JustGiving before and I don't know how the process of nominating a charity works, how it's ensured ahead of time that you're not just pocketing the money yourself, lol

    That will be excellent motivation. It's just a matter of this year or waiting another year, because I don't know how long it's going to be to get fit enough, whether I've got time to get the maximum number of sponsors I can, and because no one wants to do it with me and as everyone in my life has such different and unpredictable schedules, I might even end up with no one to cheer me on. image Yes, I am finding lots of excuses to put it off, but a few are good ones. image

  • Re just giving it's very convenient, people use PayPal

    Or a credit / debit card online and they take a small percentage, and send the rest to your charity directly.

    Most uk can add tax relief so that gives an extra 25% it's very convenient.

    If people want to give you cash it's probably easiest to just accept it then make a payment of that value yourself into the just giving account.

    If the charity is on just giving you can just search for them and setup your page. It costs you nothing and is convenient.

  • Thanks for all the advice! I'll register with Just Giving and see if they're on there.

  • Just wanted to say SNAP! I'm on Wk 4 of the C25K program and just signed up for my first 5k yesterday! I'm doing the Race for Life Twilight 5k in Norwich if anyone fancies joining image

    I'm excited, but still a way to go - still seems a little unbelievable that I will be able to run 5k at the end of 9 weeks, but I'm persevering! Congrats

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