XTERRA returns to the UK

XTERRA, which is to off-road tri as Ironman is to on-road, has been absent from the UK for a few years but no longer - it's back for 2013 using the Vachery Tri circuit at Cranleigh Surrey.  http://www.vacherytriathlon.com/

40 slots for the XTERRA world champs in Maui, Hawaii

anyone fancy this??  I'm probably in


  • Aaah the buggers. Same day as Challenge Henley.  Pah. 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    I'd noticed this (and the middle distance earlier too), what distances is XTERRA ? IM distance ?

  • no - standard distance.   it's attracting more top road triathletes as well - Stannard and Don have done well at it and Javier Gomez won the Xterra Worlds at his 1st attempt at an off-road tri!



  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    I see, so short stuff. Stannard, Don, Gomez................TR.........I can see the glory now !

  • you'll need to learn how to ride that MTB of yours off-road first...... image

  • The less said about my one foray into off road MTB racing the betterimage

    Can just about stay on the damned thing on a firetrack. LOL! But I might well come and support the yeller and black. And watch the experts in action eh fb

  • i soo want a go at this...isnt it over 3 or 4 days??? with kayaks??


    they used to hold this in the lakes


    maybe 2014??

  • that's adventure racing Andy - this is full on off-road tri.....

    I think Xterra did talk about a Lakes race a few years ago but it never transpired - the last UK Xterra race was down in South Wales in 2007 or thereabouts.  very tough one at that.


  • Sam Gardner is involved in the organisation of this to some degree. I think he designed the off road course last year and raced as well, so I suspect he will be there to give everyone a run for the money.

    I'm looking at the middle distance race this year as a good local workout. Closed roads and a couple of times up Leith Hill, what's not to like! image
  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    FB - proper off-road in the mud? no chance then, I was hoping trails. Dont want to get muddy or fracture an eyelash. 

  • I'd love to go back to play next year but 8 Sep is Bacchus day so I shall be fully occupied elsewhere all weekend.  

  • Think I'll do the middle distance too as part of prep. for CH.

    Never ridden up Leith Hill - what's it like? Short n' sharp or a grindfest?

  • Ah google...

    Average grade: 6.7 %

    Length: 2.24 km

    Height start: 102 m

    Height top: 254 m

    Elevation: 152 m

  • TR - this year was a mix of proper mud - though I'm sure I've seen somewhere that they're taking out the muddiest bit from this year - woodland single track and grassy fields.  It was proper fun, even for an off road novice image

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Trogs - sounds fun indeed. I have an A race 2 weeks later but could do both. Sounds popular though, TT folks are getting interested, says it'll only be ~£65 too. Not too far away from me either although its not a direct route.

  • boiiiingggggg

    not long to this event now (entries are closed if anyone was thinking of a late one)

    not sure if anyone else is doing this?  I'm in the standard and just been looking at my a/g opposition - a 3X former World XTERRA a/g champ; a Frenchman whe came 5th in Maui last year; and 2 Brits who were 2nd and 3rd at the UK XTri champs last year.  and there's only 6 of us ffs......image 

    looks like I'll have my work cut out to get on the podium but you never know - a subtle overtaking shove here or there.......image

    if any locals are around on the 8th and not at Henley, come along to shout some abuse at me.  Petal's one of the race officials



  • It might have to be the old stick-in-the-spokes job FB, never fails.  Good luck anyway.

    There's a typo in your link BTW, one too many r's.

  • right number of r's CD - just the wrong TLD... image

    it's http://xterra-england.co.uk/

    are you at Henley that day??  we were thinking of heading over there after Xterra but I think the logistics of parking the 'bago somewhere suitable, plus tiredeness will defeat that idea.  

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