Mayday v Broadchurch

This week British TV drama is represented by two very similar programmes on BBC and ITV. Both have children murdered at the very beginning, both are stacked with red herrings and both are set in small communities. Is anyone enjoying either one of them and what do they say about the state of British TV ?


  • been following Mayday since it started - it's OK but not the best drama series around of recent times.  quite gripping and, as you say, lots of red herrings and seeming dead ends, and some very very strange characters.

    in fact I have no real idea wtf is going on!!


  • I never saw The Killing but some people have suggested they are trying to re-create a British version, hence the similar stories. I thought Mayday was bad but it wasn't anywhere near as bad as Broadchurch.
  • Taped Broadchurch, and haven't watched it yet...

    Been watching Mayday... When it finished last night Suzie asked me if I thought we had even seen the real killer yet ???

    Has to be the most disfunctional village I have ever seen, Do the residents committe reject prospective buyers for being norma ?

    I think Seth is the sanest person there

  • Someone called it Brookside meets The Wicker Man. Everyone seems to hate each other and despise their spouses. Hard to find a single character you could care about.
  • you could be right about Seth - on the surface, loopy as fuck, but quite sane underneath.

    I have my doubts about lots of them but Malcolm and Gail's son (name??) is on my watch list - he's quiet but has a creepy air about him

  • Something weird about a schooboy with a foppy haircut who looks about 25 being bullied by a blonde kid who looks and acts like Biff from Back to the Future.
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  • Enjoyed the first episode of Broadchurch, but there are some common themes seen in current tv dramas

    - the detective with a 'past'  - cue flashbacks and fuzzy moments

    - his popular sidekick who wanted the top job - cue some rivalry

    - the reporter from London who has already stolen a teddy bear from the memorial

    (boo hiss etc)

    I do like the family/close friend twists in the town i.e. the local reporter/dead lad's best friend both related to the female detective

    ...and unless he was Phillips Idowu he didn't fall from that cliff

  • Bit of a Dr Who reunion going on with David Tennant looking like Action Man with his beard and Tom Darville looks like he might have more to do in future episodes.
  • C McL - do you understand the meaning of the word irony??  image


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  • nah - my money's on the one you least expect - Steve

    or maybe someone else....image

  • The coppers elder daughter
  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭
    I only saw the first 3 instalments of Mayday... Does none care to tell me (a) what exactly went on, and/or (b) who the killers was? I'm assuming there was a killer.
  • The Copper done it and the coppers wife tried to frame someone else but was looking like they might be foiled by witchcraft.
  • nice twist at the end I thought and lots of unanswered questions

    what happened to Seth after he was beaten up by Hattie's father?  what's happening to Gail?  etc

    perhaps a Mayday2 to explore some of these??

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