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I am hoping to keep up training in June in Lanzarote - Playa del Carmen if possible - any tips/routes welcome?  Looking for 8 mile routes 


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  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭

    Try map my run or a similar website, you can preset your own running routes or look up ones that people have recorded on there. I used it (or a similar website I think) when I was marathon training whilst on holiday last year.

    Hope you have a good run! 

  • Training peaks covers the Canaries.. I've used it in Tenerife happily

  • There is quite a nice route along the coastal path that goes from Puerto del Carmen, down to Puerto Calero, then on to Playa Quemada, and then of course back. Both Quemada and Callero make nice stops if you want too.

    Depends of course if you want roads or trails. There is a nice trail that ends up in Femes, (about 10 miles from PDC), and climbs up to 1200ft, then drops down to sea level near Playa Quemada and than back along coast, but that drop down bit is rather desolate. Not one to do on your own if you dont know it or have good GPS location stuff to tell the rescue teams image.

    Also remember, if your on roads, the locals are plain nuts at driving, with the tourists not being much better, which is +1 for the trails.

    There is of course the cycle path that runs the entire length of Puerto sea front, almost up to the airport, totally flat, but can get very busy with the bars etc. Nice evening run as not quite so hot. The heat that time of year would make the Femes trail hard, and you would NEED a lot of water with you! Bad place to get dehydrated ... and we had backpacks!


  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    I was going to offer my advice that the roads are nice and quiet.  Then I remembered that I ran and cycled in Lanzarote in December!  So I'll defer to the Cheesemeister on that one.  image

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