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im looking to do my first ultra in July.  Can anyone help with a plan or give me some idea of my longest run?  I can find 50k, 50miles plus but nothing for 40 miles!  I did a marathon last year so wondering if this would suffice?




  • Surely it would be better to follow a 50 mile plan, then 40 miles should be easier?

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    if you have a good marathon plan you like look at thst compare it to the lots of 50m plans and maybe create one with some extra long runs compared to the marathon (weekends with a medium and a long run) but less than the 50?  

  • Thanks Jason and booktrunk, I think I will try and make a mix of the two programmes.  With it being my first I think following a 50 mile plan could be too much too soon.

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Also a big thing is the amount of effort in each individual run it's more about building total miles, so unless you are a speed merchant i'd limit the amount of speed work, not drop all of it, but replace some with hill work. I think when you get over marathon distance a lot of it is about getting the longer steady/slow weekend runs in. 

  • Thanks booktrunk, that's really helpful.  I'm no speed merchant so I like the longer slow runs image

  • ClagClag ✭✭✭

    The D33 website has training advice no a plan for newbies. I've never used it but know others that have. It's worth a look (although the mileage might need an increase to get you to the 40 mile ultra) as it shows the back to back long runs as key.

  • Brilliant, thanks Clag

  • Don't get dis heartened if the ultra plans you look at seem impossibly heavy on the mileage- I've done loads of ultras on training mileage which peaks at little over 30 miles perweek. OK, I'm in the back 10%, and I'm sure I'd do better if I ran more, but if your aim is to complete and enjoy your day, don't push yourself so hard you end up injured.

    ..............of course, feel free to ignore this comment if you are an elite speedster!

    Ultras are fun, make sure you practice the eating, as well as the running- just as important!

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    Tricialittl I always meant to ask do you put in a burst of a couple of weeks of longer runs say 45m weeks, or do you stick with all around the same?


    as no matter what I try 35m seems to be about my limit for consistent mileage. 

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    You could search for Two Oceans, 56k, schedules such as this one, I particularly like the Sunday in week 22 of that one image 

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    i think that should be most  Sundays image

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭


    Low mileage and drinking beer for recovery seems a good option.


  • Great advise everyone, thank you image  I am definitely no super elite runner and my aim would be to complete!  I also like week 22 in the plan!

  • Booktrunk- If I do a high milesge week, for example a marathon as a trainig run, or even a 33 mile "short" ultra as a non- target race, with minimal taper and recovery, I might occoaisaionlly go over 40 miles, but I ease back a lot for the surrounding few days.

    My best string of "high mileage" weeks that I am aware of goes something like 31; 29; 35; 30; 41; 38; 11; 34.

    I doubt I can keep this level up for long- this is my last 2 months, and the 11 relates to the ankle sprain, but other bits and pieces were beginning to get niggles , too, so the sprain may have saved my bacon!

    That plan looks good- any plan that goes by time on feet, rather than mileage , is good for slower runners, I think. I've been trying to follow a modified P&D marathon plan, but the speed they think you'll be running at means that the mileage is just silly!


  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Thanks tricialitt: I know that we aren't out to emulate other runners, as we all need to do our own / run at our own capacities, but it's nice to see how others do.

    I did between 51-64km for the first 9 weeks of this year, then got an awful chest infection didn't run for nearly 3 weeks, and am slowly coming back wanted a big week last week, but the body just didn't want to know so ended up only being 15 miles image so need a good week this week. With a long run Sunday.

    Then a mini taper for my three events in two weeks. London and MK Marathon, then my first 24h, that's not about distance, it's about trying to keep myself going even if it's just walking for 24 hours.  If I can just keep going i'll be happy with the distance, it's just getting my body to accept I can go for 24 hours.

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