Haglund Deformity - Surgery or not?

Hiya...first post from me, really hoping someone may be able to advise.

I've been struggling with a haglund deformity on my heel for a few years now. At first I just thought it was "standard" achilles issues but after physio, injection, extracorpeal shockwave therapy, I'm still left with a bump on my heel. Xray and MRI showed a prominent bone and a little calcification.

I've had to cut back on running. I never did masses - but maybe 3 per week (5 or 10km). Any speed work has gone, and I've given up on anything over 10 miles. It's just too uncomfortable post event. (although ok while I run).


Surgeon wants to perform a calcaneal osteotomy. Cut a wedge of bone from my feel, rotate the whole thing forward and screw me back together. 2 permanent screws in the foot.


the thought of this terrifies me. He seems to think 3 months to running again.


Not sure what to do. I've kind of accepted supplementing running with cycling (I'm 41 now). I'm not in pain at rest. I have an awareness of it when I walk and it's painful after a run


Am I damaging it more by continuing to use? Should I have the op? Should I tolerate a bit of discomfort!?


anyone with any advise or experience?! Thanks so much! 




  • BookyBooky ✭✭✭

    I have Haglund's deformity in both feet. The main bother it causes me is that I can't wear 'normal' shoes, so live in trainers. 

    What symptoms do you have, other than the bone prominence? Once it's calcified it's not going to go away, so if you can focus on not irritating it then you might be able to avoid surgery (assuming that's what you want to do). 

    Personally, I want to avoid surgery for as long as I can. I was told that it may be necessary to cut the Achilles tendon and there is no way I'm volunteering for that for the sake of wearing fancy shoes! I'll keep my trainers and my tendons intact image 

    I think stretching the Achilles can be helpful, and making sure that your footwear doesn't rub is essential. 

  • There's a prominence - prob the size of a small marble but doesn't stop me wearing shoes. The Achilles is tender at the insertion and a little pain down the outside of my foot. More so when I've run (although not during runs... I can still run ok.

    The surgeon has offered a calceneal osteotomy- keeping Achilles attached - remove wedge of bone and rotate heel forward- stopping pressure on the bump.

    Sounds scary to me!
  • I see this is an old post, but Mccraque, did you go ahead? I'm now looking at a similar option and would appreciate your experience thanks.
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