London marathon 2016 t-shirt swap thread!

What an awesome race yesterday in London - managed a final sprint to finish in 2:59:29, first sub-3! image Hope everyone enjoyed it as much!

The finisher's t-shirts are cut a bit big for my liking, so if anyone would like to exchange their XS for my S size please let me know! Maybe VLM also has some kind of exchange service?



  • Similar problem for my friend...she has a large tshirt and is a very small size 8 so if anyone can help out I would greatful ( my medium is fine for a size 14 just incase anyone is wondering re sizes .....)
  • Had a great experience running the VLM yesterday. Had I known the finishers T shirts were Adidas, I would have made a bee line to the small size, however I picked up a medium and found that there is enough room for me and a half, oops. Therefore I am looking to downsize from M to S please. I am chilling out in London for the next few days so if anyone else wants to swap please let me know. Cheers.

  • There were no smalls when I finished - only Medium or larger. Far too big for me unfortunately. The T-shirt I really wanted at the expo was sold out of small too. Surely they know that runners are thinner than the population average? 

    Anyway, not optimistic, but if anyone has a small and wants medium then I'd happily swap. I've taken mine out of the plastic to look at the size, but it's unworn.

  • I was so slow I think there were only L and XL left so looking to swap my large for anything smaller. Otherwise I will peg it out and use it as a tent.
  • I did the exact same thing as you russellelly, I took the t-shirt out of the packet back at the hotel room and knew that it was too big for me without putting it on, so it is unworn. I normally buy Adidas training gear and I always go for small even though I am medium in every other piece of clothing I wear?!  Anyway I'm not hopeful for a swap so if anyone wants me to send them a medium to proudly wear, I will send it to you, just give me a shout.

    P.S I have been following the VLM first timers thread throughout and would like to say a very well done to all. I even managed to have a conversation with Harmander before the start, he was easy to spot with a big flag and sikhs in the city luminous hat.

  • Ali35. I would love a medium as would love to have a t shirt that I can wear and the large drowns me
  • Well done Midlands Lass. T-shirt bagged by you and very deserved too! Have sent a PM to see where I need to send it to.

    The early bird catches the ...... T-shirt in this case lol image

  • Thank you so much Ali 35. That is such a kind gesture and has genuinely made my day.

    I was checking my emails so early as I am building up to attempting to go downstairs. Stairs are not my friend at the moment!!!
  • GladragsGladrags ✭✭✭

    Were there any XS? There weren't any XS or S left by 4h26 - but am happy with my oversized medium - better than the standard XL they used to dish out...

  • Yeap, I was around the 3hr mark and they had XS then. Seems they run out quick. If I knew how big the t-shirts were I would had got one!

  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭

    Someone from my club would happily swap her medium for a small if that helps anyone (they'd run out when she finished)...though sounds like that's a common theme.

    I picked up a medium even though I am normally a large and it fits perfectly, luckily I saw some people putting them on in front of me and noticed they were bigger than I would have expected.

  • Unfortunately I got injured and had to walk most of the way from 13.1! So by the time I got to the finish (6h 32) there was only XL tshirt said left. If anyone has a small they would like to swap for XL or I can buy off them, please let me know, I really really want to have a tshirt to wear so I can feel proud of myself for making it to the end!

    Many thanks


  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    I don't understand how a company like Adidas can make shirts which are all too big, and shoes which are all too small. Have Germans got wide chests and small feet?

    Fcuk it, my shirt's currently up on ebay, along with the medal. Some idiots pay a lot of money for this shit.

  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭

    Bloody hell, there's a 2016 medal on ebay for £92, with 16 bids. Who does this?????

  • Hi... seeking a medium or small finisher's t-shirt in exchange for the large that I received, would really like to wear my top with pride and not look like a passing ship in full sail!  I'm guessing it's a long shot, but worth a try (as VMLM have not responded to my email about it!). Please.... anyone? image

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭
    HA77 wrote (see)

    Bloody hell, there's a 2016 medal on ebay for £92, with 16 bids. Who does this?????

    Who bids, or who sells them? Now you've said how much they're going for I'm tempted.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    literatin wrote (see)

    Who bids

    Someone who falls asleep on the train after the race and has their bag nicked.  Allegedly.  image

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Ooh, just looked and some people are selling their size xs and s t-shirts: now that really is twatty, as those sizes always run out. If I was planning to sell my t-shirt (which I'm not, cos I quite like red, though I sold the disgusting giant-sized 2013 one), I'd take an xl one and leave the normal-sized ones for actual runners.

  • I just gave a call to VLM and they said they'll exchange my t-shirt as long as there are stocks. Give them a call and get on the list!

  • I have a medium also ... Any one with a spare small and I would be interested in a swap

    in other events when they ask the size of your shirt at registration (which VLM did) they then print your shirt size on your number, wouldn't take too much thought to do that ..

  • It seems the small sizes are in great demand. but just in case, I have a large and want to swap for a small ! Thanks
  • Similar problem. I have a Small men's t shirt. Looking for an XS. Tags still attached. 

  • I feel I'm being very hopeful here but if anyone has a small or extra small they would be willing to swap for a large I'd be very grateful!

    Emailed and rang VLM but had no response on email and on the phone she just took my details saying she would try and add me to a list image

    Going to ring again tomorrow to ask for more details, just wondered if anyone had contacted adidas themselves? Such a shame this hasn't been organised properly because l felt everything else was!!
  • Joining in the hunt - I have a medium and looking for a small or extra small please! Phoned VMLM and they can't help. My first marathon and can't wear the finisher shirt image

  • Chr1sChr1s ✭✭
    Hi, A bit late to the party but my medium is on the large side for me. Would swap for a small?
  • So i am another who's slow finish (mid race injury) meant only XL shirts. This was my first and probably last marathon (due to a metal plate and osteoarthritis in my leg) and I am desperate for a medium T-shirt. I really want to be able to wear my finishers T-shirt with pride but the XL shirt could be worn as a tent. I would even be willing to pay someone if they have one they would let me buy? Trying on eBay but I can't afford the prices they're going for image
  • I'm confused. Does anyone know why they don't do the t-shirts at the expo? I have 5 pretty well fitting Ts from other marathons but sadly, I can't wear my 'home' marathon one as it is remeniscent of a tent - even in a size M!! I'm not fast but there were over 5,000 still finishing after me and my size M was one scavenged from the floor! The only actualy Ts left were L or XL. We all enter our sizes on registering so surely the organisers know how many of each to cater for?? I noticed an old forum from 2009 with the same issues and a bunch of running friends had the same problem last year. Let's face it, whilst there are some larger folk, probably the majority of rullers are on the smaller size. Has anyone ever campaigned VLM to change the process?? 

    My vote would be collect the size you actually specified when you collect your race number. Thats how loads of other marathons do it and it works great. 

    Incidentally - if anyone does have an XS T (doubtful I know) and wants to swap for a M - give me a shout. Happy running all. 


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    My medium fits perfectly. After reading this thread I'm starting to think I should go on a diet.
  • Just an update - I have just been sent a replacement XS t-shirt from organisers, and they included a freepost envelope for me to return my current t-shirt.

    So give them a call and ask for an exchange - took a while but it works! Kudos to VLM!

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