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Just picked up one of these watches second hand. What I have done so far for trail running new routes, or self-navigation trail races, is create a route in set to Openstreetmaps, as it shows and lets you follow all footpaths. Then load it into a Garmin 705 and hold that in my hand. Much better mapping display than the watch obviously, but be nice to try the option of the watch too.

However with the 310xt watch it don't seem to let me load in a course from Bikehike. I realise you can create a course in Garmin Connect, but as far I can figure, Garmin Connect will display footpaths, but not let you automatically route along them.

Is there a way of taking the course you have created in Bikehike or other similar mapping website that lets you follow OS map foothpaths, and loading it into Garmin Connect, to then load onto the watch? Or another way to load your custom trail route into this watch?

I found a tutorial from dc rainmaker by doing a web search, but it's a few years old and uses something called Garmin Training Centre to do this job, which does not appear to exist any more.

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  • This might be what you want, this is the process I use for my Fenix:

    1. Export route from site of choice.
    2. Download Garmin Basecamp (free).
    3. Open basecamp.
    4. Drag your exported file into the bottom left pane.
    5. Right click and 'send to device'.

    I'm not an expert, but this works for me and seems to be the only way to place decent routes onto my Garmin Fenix. I use a Mac, but i'm hoping theres no difference in the layout of Garmin Basecamp.

    I've found Garmin Connect to be fairly pants for route creation and exporting.

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  • Thanks very much image I gave this a go. Data transfer is enabled on the watch, ANT drivers installed, but Basecamp/Training Center (downloaded and tried both) were not communicating with the device. Tried rebooting the watch and the laptop.

    I agree, Garmin Connect is not the best for mapping, or anything else. Tried Strava route creator also, but that doesn't pair with the 310xt.

    Well no drama anyway, on the odd occasion I want to follow a new route on road or off, I can keep on using the 705. 

    All this technology is the enemy of fresh air!

  • You can do it via bikhike and Garmin Connect too, if I'm understanding your question correctly. Here's how I do it:

    - Create a route on bikehike as normal then save the route as "gpx track" (other options may work but that's what I use).

    - On Garmin Connect, click on the circular blue "plus" button at the top right of the page, choose "Upload Your Activities" then "Manual Upload" and drag or click to upload the gpx track file.

    - After this the file should have been saved as a course on Garmin Connect. Now when you view the course details there should be a "Send to Device" option on the page that will send the route to the 310xt via Garmin Express.

    There you go, a slightly long winded process but it works okay.

  • Aha, now that did work, thankyou lambkin that is the ticket.

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    Just to add, you CAN both create and amend courses on Garmin Connect.  Just make sure you clik/unclick the 'stay on road' button when you do so.

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  • amending courses on Garmin Connect can be a nightmare. When you try moving a point it deletes loads of other points and joins it up 'as the crow flies'.

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