Shoes ... in search of the dream

Know this is the age old question but planning for 55km and 50 mile ultras summer/autumn. One is Lakes and mixed and rocky trails with some tarmac and the other cliff paths, some sand, some fields and some tarmac.

Looking for the elusive dream ultra shoe. Light (ideal is 250gm approx.), flexible (I like to get on my toes) but with a rock plate for protection, reasonable cushioning (but not losing all ground feel - so don't fancy maximal type), roomy toe box, ok grip - but manage the tarmac stretches, wear enough to last 500 miles+, low drop (4mm ish), fore/mid foot striking.

Tried ..

Inov8 Trailroc 245's - ok but bit inflexible in forefoot (stiff rock plate) but (!) uppers split after 100 miles

NB Leadville - very comfy but just that bit too heavy and clunky

Brook Puregrit - slipper like and flexible but bruised feet after 20 miles+ (no rock plate) and wear suspect ... and no grip at all on wet rock/wood.

Split between Peregrine 6s and Inov Ultra 270s as next attempt. Need to get it right this timeimage

Wish there were more reviews on Web for shoes after 200 and 500 miles - rather than "out of the box".


  • No idea of the answer to this one - I'm not sure it actually exists!

    The problem with modern shoes is that to get them as lightweight as possible the manufacturers have to use less robust materials, which then inevitably do not last as long. I always find this worse in the winter when mud and peat get into the mesh of the shoe and weaken it.

    I'm afraid that it really is a case of just trial and error until you find the shoe that suits you. Salomons would seem to be another obvious area to try.

  • David J 27David J 27 ✭✭✭

    Agree re there not being an answer ...  image ... will continue my search for the holy grail.

    Then I'll find it ... and then he manufacturers will "improve" the shoes over the next 2 or 3 versions ... and it'll be back to square one image

  • Salomon s-lab Sense 3 or 4 may be worth a look?

  • David J 27David J 27 ✭✭✭

    ... quick update ... went for Peregrine's and very happy I did. Handled wet rock, steep muddy slopes, a few bogs and all thrown at them on the day. Lots of other people slipping about. Despite being lots of technical rocky stretches felt comfy and light all day. Socks destroyed and straight in bin at end but no blisters, bruising or hot spots. image

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