Comrades Marathon UK Qualifying


I'm going to give the 2017 Comrades Marathon a go and was wondering if anybody knows whether the qualifying race (if done in the UK) has to be IAAF certified or whether you just have to complete an event under the time specified for the distance on the CM website?







  • Hi Matt. I think it might say somewhere in the Comrades site that it needs to be IAAF certified, but I think as long as it's run under a national association permit it's OK (eg UK Athletics). I've never heard of anyone having a race turned down as a qualifier, as long as it has some kind of certification. Did you have a particular race in mind? If you drop by the 2017 Comrades thread there are very experienced people over there who will be able to give you a definitive answer.
  • Great, thank you!

    Ill have a look at the 2017 CM thread



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