London marathon mags



  • Just spoken to postman, nothing for our house but he has delivered two marathon magazines in red covers today ,so assume that the acceptance ones are out first, still having no luck with payment page so hopefully things are better for others, good luck ????
  • StylishStylish ✭✭✭

    I have 2017 link so guess I'm not in either!

  • there are reject and acceptance mags all over facebook - fon't think they send one lot and then the other?


  • Rejection mag for me. 6th year in a row that I've been rejected through ballot. Did it back in 2014 through club place though. Seen dozens of rejection magazines on facebook but not one acceptance one yet but just looking on here it's obvious that both have been sent out.

    Find it odd they don't just tell all those that are to be rejected by e-mail now. Last year I only had the e-mail and they didn't send it out until the 3rd or 4th day of magazines being received.

  • I already unsubscribed from the VLM emails, don't have my account password at work, and won't see post until I get hom. I'm therefore in some marathon quantum state where I have both been accepted and rejected. Probably.

  • Ah, I take it back. Just found an old web link for unsubcribe and apparently I'm subscribed to:

    You could still run the Marathon
    Welcome to realbuzz
    Virgin Money London Marathon 2017 choose a charity
    VMLM 2017 ballot E-Zine

    Looks like I'm out. Schroedinger's cat has expired.

  • Just saw on another running forum someone has a yes magazine but was also subscribed to the ballot E-zine.
  • Here's hoping!

  • If you do the unsubscribe hack now, when I check mine it now says unsuccessful

  • Just checked and it says unsuccessful in my subscription page. Shock
  • Royal Mail have decided to ignore my redirection and deliver my 'parcel' to my old address.

    Apparently it feels like it might have a tshirt or something in it..... anyone in the know able to give me an idea if that's likely to be a yes or no?
  • This is a sorry not this time magazine, with your free gift ,because you bequeathed your entry fee.

  • its a no if you have the shirt

  • Ahhh yes. - 'free' tshirt ????.

  • Has anyone actually received a rejection e-mail yet ?

  • Beginning to think I don't exist, no e-mail, no magazine and no details on payment page, think it's time for a phone call seeing as I have already paid for a deferral from last year,lol ????

  • no email, not subscribed to e-zine 2017, no magazine and can't access the link so who knows! doing Brighton any how and a Saxon shore event on London Marathon Day much more fun.

  • if you can't access the link it's because you don't need to pay because you're not in?

    The magazines always arrive over 2-3 days at least.

  • I seem to be subscribed to the 2017 unsuccessful newsletter. I was part of the rejection emails last year. I've been refreshing my emails like crazy!

  • Sorry mag just arrived.  Belfast it is!

  • No mag for me today

    Anyone who has got in via ballot been able to pay online as yet?

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Yes, I paid yesterday and have the email receipt.

  • London Marathon twitter feed says there is an issue with the accepted runners payment system. Posted today at 11:58

  • Just got my unsuccessful email!

  • ditto! 

  • Me and my partner entered but we used the same email address, we only have one unsuccessful email, do you think something has gone wrong or we will get another email, we do have two different entry numbers ,so the entries went through .


  • Rejection again here (11 years in a row)
  • Tried the link for payment page (nothing in post or email yet) and no joy -but not sure of my password. But not surprised 6 rejections in a row.

    Then as an after thought tried the wife's name and hey presto the payment page came up!!!!!!!!!! does that mean she has got a place? if so she is a jammy sod only started running a year or so ago (I'll be pleased really, not in the least bit jealous or anything

    Wife has had no email or mag as yet -the fact that payment link recognises her and not me do you think I should just go ahead and pay her entry? I assume she has got place -or should I assume nothing? -suspense is killing her (and me image)


  • Got my official email,which told me what I already knew. Entered the competition for one of 10 places, do think I should get another entry in that ballot as I knew the answer without having to check the magazine! Then again think that defeats the purpose as I'm sure the competition is only there to make you look at the ezine!

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