Dilemma strava or Endomondo

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I just Dunn sleaford 11milrs last month using strava and Endomondo both on my iPhone. In which strava say I Dunn 6 to 9miles per hour and other day I Dunn 10 miles per hour.who right 


  • Hi- GPS is liable to a lot of variables and readings can vary dramatically. I use a footpod to improve the accuracy of my Garmin. I train with a friend who uses an iWatch and his times are usually a lot faster than mine even when he finishes laps 30 seconds after me. We both synch to Strava.
    In your case with the same device synching to different apps and producing different times will be the two apps interpreting the data differently. Strava run their own data analysis to take in to account hill variations and previous data from other runners to make the app more accurate.

    GPS is just an indicator and the best you can expect is 98% accurate unless the road is straight and flat and there are no buildings or trees to interrupt satellite triangulation...

    Personally I would stick with Strava as it is the best community. :smiley:
    Jake Fricker (Author of "I am a Runner" and qualified coach)


    5k- 19:03
    10k- 39.28
    HM- 1:28.25
    M- 3:07.59
  • Thanks jake
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