London Marathon Cheaters - let's do this

Ok, as there isn't a thread up yet I thought I would kick things off...Exhibit A, Mr Nicholas Soulsby, crosses the start 10:07, had splits to half way which he passed in 2:34 at which point he, and his chip, mysteriously disappeared. And yet...there are pictures of him beaming away at the finish with his medal.

Well maybe he dropped his chip I hear you say, well if you look at his photos again you see one of him coming down the mall with a nice lady wearing bib 42341. Mrs 42341 started at 10:04, hit all her splits and finished in 3:47 (particularly impressive given the weather).

So either Mr Soulsby ran his second half in around 1:10 (even more impressive I'm sure you'll agree!) or he took a fairly massive shortcut. Now, not wishing to judge a book by it's cover (but doing so anyway), he hardly looks like a chap who could run a 1:10 second half, in blazing heat, after having run the first in 2:34. I mean, negative splits are good and all but come on!

Let the flames commence.


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