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  • DaisydooDaisydoo ✭✭✭
    Hi john2443

    Thank you for your message. I've only just started jeffing since the half as even though I'd done the distance before, I'd only walked at the drink stations and didn't do all that much better time wise than in training and my back was very sore. You've given me the confidence boost I needed! Thank you 😊 
  • How's everyone feeling for the weekend?
  • Looking forward to it! Sunday is the reward for the hard work of the past four months!
  • Looks like it's going to be bloody cold.

    Temperature at 9am is predicted to be 6 degrees, raising to a max of 9, with 13-15 mph winds all day.

    May wear a windbreaker!
  • DaisydooDaisydoo ✭✭✭
    Yes it is cold here! Got my number and as ready as I will ever be. Also wondering about taking a top layer 🤔 
  • Great day yesterday with all course records broken!

    Ran with a mate who was running his first Marathon. 3 weeks into training he broke is foot and was only able to resume running 2 weeks ago. Stuck together and finished in 5:26, which I thought was pretty impressive considering his lack of running.

    Hope everyone else went well!
  • I faded on the way into the power station so it was a long old slog back along the seafront into the wind, but just about held it together for 3:13.

    Great effort by your mate after so long out!
  • 3:13 is a fantastic time considering that wind.

    Really didn't like the power station section. Was a kick in the guts right when you needed a bit of a boost.
  • john2443john2443 ✭✭✭
    How did it go Daisydoo?

    Jeffing or Effing and Jeffing?
  • john2443john2443 ✭✭✭
    It was cold - even colder at 6am!

    We've never seen so much abandoned clothing left at start! Charities took 2 van loads and we filled a long wheelbase Transit
  • I'm surprised they've kept the power station section in for the last ten years - every single runner moans about it. Would rather head further up the coast past Ovingdean or further inland to make the miles up. Nothing they can do about the wind though!

    I started in a hat and gloves that I abandoned then managed to get burned later on - good old British weather for ya!
  • Hi guys, I signed up just to get in on the Brighton Marathon thread, cos I love this event! It's the only marathon I've ever run, but I've done 8 of the 10 so far. I'm local, and run regularly along the seafront, so the race for me feels like going on my usual run only with 12000 friends. I had the most fun in years this time, but with the slight hindrance that Active messed up my start time!
    I started at the front of the 2nd main wave, in the blue corral. I don't carry a timing device, but estimated that we took around 5 minutes from the gun to crossing the start line. However, when my results came in, they claimed I only took 52 seconds from gun to start. My theory, which has been corroborated by a few friends who followed me on the mobile app, is that my chip began timing early, when I was still in the pre-start area. This means I've probably been denied about 5 minutes, which is particularly frustrating, as it puts me right on the edge of pb territory.
    Can anyone who started in a similar position (front of the blue wave) let me know what their gun-to-start time was so I can try and figure mine out? I'm in the process of taking it up with Active, but don't have great faith in them to sort it.
    Thanks in advance, and thanks to everyone who came down and got involved. Brighton Marathon day each year is like my Christmas, only fun. I've already got my spot for next year, so hopefully see you there!
  • GoalpostGoalpost ✭✭✭
    Hi Spliff, I started near the front of red wave. I had my gun time larger than my chip time. I took it up with them as I knew I was definitely faster than the 3:18 something they initially gave me as I jogged under the clock just before 3:16 was due to come up. I definitely didn't false start either. They had amended the results within 24 hours of me flagging it so you would be best to make an enquiry. I didn't submit any evidence and it was corrected. Hope you get it sorted.
  • john2443john2443 ✭✭✭
    I agree that the power station loop is depressing, the reason for using it is that the road can be closed without causing much inconvenience, there's very little traffic on there at weekends - remember there are still slow runners going INTO that section mid/late afternoon!

    Going inland at start or mile 4 means more/longer road closures and Ovingdean means road closures and more hills. A bit further out from mile 4 there's a junction, if that's closed then driving across town involves a massive detour, I suspect it would never get passed by council and blue lights.

    When the tail goes into the harbour about mile 21 the majority of roads can be re opened, I guess there's always a conflict between marathon and council when road closure times are discussed, they need to minimise disruption to non marathon traffic Brighton (and other seafront events have a bigger problem that inland cities, inland you can drive north or south of the race, Brighton you can only go north.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    edited April 2019
    I didnt mind that section, you cant expect crowds all the way. Ive entered again.
  • DaisydooDaisydoo ✭✭✭
    Hi John2443

    I did a bit of both. Ran the first 6 and jeffed the rest. I completed in just over 5hrs. Didn't hit the wall but I think I drank too much at Shoreham and felt sick for a couple of miles (just empty stomach rather than drained) so slowed down
    Decided on a finish rather than vomiting  It was also pretty windy at that point. So yes, I've done it but think I'm a half marathon max runner! Want to get back to fully running the distance and concentrate on building my hip back up. Was a grand day out and I'm still smiling ☺ 
  • john2443john2443 ✭✭✭
    5 hours sounds pretty good based on your original post that sounded like you might not make it, there were a lot of people behind you, steady Jeffing is better than pushing to 20 and crawling the last 6.2!

    I'm a 10k max runner - combination of time to train, balancing injuries and not being persuaded by people who think you aren't a real runner if you don't do marathons - no one's ever said Bolt isn't a runner because he doesn't go more than 200m :)
  • DaisydooDaisydoo ✭✭✭
    Thank you. Yes I felt fairly OK all the way round. And I am still smiling a week on and feeling a bit in shock that I actually did it! I think the jeffing was the winning formula for me. I was actually overtaking people in the last 6 miles (and was overtaken too....definitely no Bolt sprint finish in me 😂). 

    And I am not planning another one, but have signed up for a half marathon as I would like to have another go at it as I was so busy worrying about it being my first big race, I would like another crack at it! Yep....madness 😝
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