Where can I get advice on my return to running after 12 weeks off following a broken femur (cycling)

I need to know if first day is say, a mile. Then 2 miles the next day or a rest day in between. Or should there be walking mixed in. I understand soft, flat surfaces to begin. But how many miles per week is sensible ? I am currently swimming, doing aqua-robics and road low mileage cycling. I was winning age category marathons last year, so you can imagine I am keen, maybe too keen !

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  • Grace JonesGrace Jones ✭✭
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    Thanks TT. My Dr. recommended a treadmill as a softer surface when I started but we haven't discussed how long and how far. All the Dr and Physio said was start after 12 weeks !! Your build up seems safe and very gradual. I envisage the run walk run approach but at full weight !
    I may get a run on a treadmill first. Maybe I am being too enthusiastic !


  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    I would try on an alter G first. It does mean you can build up to full weight and have the confidence to continue. My advice is to take your time, going slowly then having a long running career afterwards was my aim.
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