5th Metatarsal recovery

Hi All,

Last year I broke my 5th metatarsal in my right foot. I was really down as I’m an active runner and fitness instructor. I would go to forums in search of 'hope' and to be honest I found none, instead i found a lot of negative comments that made me feel worse. I stopped looking and vowed, 'if my foot made a speedy recovery I would write on a forum something positive'.....so here I am! 

My injury was due to silly dancing (wearing no shoes) and too much prosecco at a wedding. When it first happen i was put in a temporary cast for a day and then i was moved into what i can only describe to be Darth Vardar’s boot. Luckily i was able to weight bear but i was told i would probably be in the boot for 8 weeks and trainers for 6 weeks. I could go back to running in about 14 weeks ......nightmare! 

I spoke with my uncle who is a Physio (luckily) and he felt the consultants were being ‘over cautious’ and i would be back running in 8 weeks.

I carried on going to gym (if i could get someone to drive me or I would do home exercise), mainly doing upper body weights and some leg weights. I would highly advise people to try and remain as active as you can. Research shows it does help speed recovery. I don't know the science but look it up. Once a week for 8 weeks my uncle kindly gave me acupuncture. Again i don't no the science but this also aids recovery and helps knit the bones back together.....not everyone is a believer in this treatment but I believed it helped me. I also made sure i had a dose of vitamin D a day. 6 weeks later my consultant said my bone had healed beautiful and was quite surprised at how quickly that had happen considering the damage and trauma i had caused. He said he took a chance on letting my foot heal naturally, as he thought i made need surgery on it. I still had to wear trainers for a full 6 weeks but i could go back to running in the second week of my 6-week trainer wear. My uncle was right. I was 8 weeks out. I have not had any issues since (the odd throb but nothing major) and i can wear high heels ...... i was told by lots negative people, "you will never wear heels again". 

Basically stay as active as you can (helps physically but also mentally) , if you can get acupuncture try it but you need a few sessions and most importantly remain positive. 


  • I broke my left 5th metatarsal end of May. No surgery luckily but still in the walking boot 30 days later. Hope to go to the pool soon and use kick board and pull buoy. I signed up for a half at end of January. How long would you recommend before running? My plan is to swim while in boot. Once out of boot long walks while swimming, biking, and low impart cardio to get some weight off I quickly added. Then Start jogging in October. Am I being too ambitious? Still plan to listen to my body and not do anything too stupid. 
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