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Hello, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,

Anyway enough of that.

I see Aldi have got in today a rowing machine by Crane.

I know like most of you on here that the Crane sports gear is good stuff however have yet to purchase any 'hard ware' by them.

 Has anybody got any knowledge / bought one etc.

Thanks in advance 


  • Sorry, forgot to mention would it be worth saving up and getting a concept one or is it good enough for a half hour use couple of times a week. - not going to pack up in three weeks time etc etc.

  • for £120 it looks like a bargain - the only caveat would be is it "fit for purpose"? if you want to use a rowing machine seriously it has to be robust to take the strains and stresses which is where a Concept scores highly as it's used by all types from elite world class rowers to numpty gym bunnies who have no idea what to do on one!

    but a brand new Concept is over a £1000 - even 2nd hand prices are very high as they are highly sought....they don't break down easily!

    if you're serious about doing a lot of rowing - at high intensity - save up for a Concept.....if you just want something to fiddle about on at home, maybe the Aldi one will do......

    be interested to hear what it feels like in practice!
  • Go with the Concept 2 every time, nothing else compares to it for a work out and robustness as they are just unbreakable and no matter how good you get you can never beat the bloody machine!!

    I have rowed for about 15 years, gave up 2 years ago and now run.  I purchased a 2nd hand Concept II ergo from ebay and sold it two years later for the same money, about £500 so they are a pretty good investment as well and you will rarely lose money on them if they are kept in good order  

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Aldi had another rower offer a while back when I was thinking of getting one. I never got to take a closer look, but I did try various other rowers of various prices and all of them felt like home kit rather than the real industrial-strength deal.

    There are two proper rowing machines - the Waterrower and the Concept2. Both fine pieces of kit, both cost about the same, which is just under a grand.

    I bit the bullet and bought a Concept2 model D six months ago. It lost to the Waterrower on storeability but won on ubiquity and especially resale value. I figured that even if I got fed up of it I could still flog it in a couple of years at a price that would mean I'd been hiring it for a tenner a month. Don't take Fleabay as a guide here, look at the marketplace section of Concept's own website.

    Concept sometimes sell reconditioned and refurbished machines through Fleabay.

    A hell of a lot of money, but well spent imho. I've done over 500,000 metres on it since purchase. 

  • Hi Stuart72,

    Always thought this looked like a good buy

  • Great machine, however when my son uses it the seat gets stuck on the rail, with further investigation Im finding the rubber roller on the bottom of the seat (theres four of them ) that runs back and forth along the channel gets lop sided and jambs the free movement of the seat running back and forth, any ideas on how to fix this would be appreciated, other than that great machine so far
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