post hysterectomy running

Just wondered if there are any ladies out there who would be willing to share their experience of returning to running post hysterectomy. ? How soon did you start running? What challenges did you need to overcome? Etc


  • I am about to have a full hysterectomy this coming Wednesday and have just read the forum from fellow runners having gone through this, such a big comfort. The only worry I’m having is not the Cancer or the op, it’s the how will I cope not running or swimming? Thank you for sharing, big help. Xx
  • There isnt a lot of info on this topic but there must he similarities with any abdominal surgery or C-section in that recovery times vary a bit but being fit and healthy to start with gives you a head start. As long as your stiches and abdominal wall heal within a few months I guess your main physical issues will be similar to anyone returning from enforced time off (pregnancy included). Keeping as mobile as you can and stretching without compromising stiches so you dont lose joint mobility and range of motion will help. Gentle activity is always better than nothing.. Later you'll be able return to running gradually, with speed distance and strength added to mobility. Your cardiovascular fitness will come back to something approaching nornal for you within 3-4 weeks of returning to cardio exercise. Although you lose cardio and strength gains quickly (after 2 weeks off) they also be quicker and easier to re-gain to similar level than for someone starting from sedentary and trying to reach the sane level - if you've previously been very active and are healthy and fit in the first place it isnt such a long road. 
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