Any recommendations for a bottle hydration vest?

As above.  There is just so many on the market and they're quite dear, so I don't want to buy a bad one.

I think I'd much prefer a twin, chest mounted bottle type one, with ideally 2 x 500ml bottles and a pocket for a phone.  looked at Inov-8 ones and Salomon ones, plus cheaper ones online.

Any help appreciated.


  • PogPog ✭✭
    I got a great one from Decathlon - but the pipe came off the bladder during a 17 mile run on Sunday :-( Don't know if it's their fault or mine - I wasn't exactly tugging at it - but don't want to put you off the brand. It was £30 including the bladder which was pretty good with six pockets and a zip up pouch at the back for light waterproof or whatever. Perfect for longer distances!
  • KryptoKrypto ✭✭
    I was recommended the decathlon one, but they're pretty small. I tried on the XL and it was too small by far.

    I've looked for others but I'm unsure what would be recommended for someone my size (6'4, 110kg/220lb, 44" chest) , I'd love some recommendations
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