Arthritis - Hip

I've just found out I've got hip arthritis. I'm due an appointment to an orthopedic doctor at some point.. but wondering where that leaves me running wise.

I first had the pain over 2 years ago when I was training up for a marathon - and its never gone away - so I haven't done that much running the past 2 years. I'm not sure if I should call it a day, or carry on and and try to manage things.

I'm early 50s - so I'd like to think I had some years left in me! But not sure if I should be aiming now for marathons, or scaling back shorter distances and enjoying what I can. I don't really want to cause any long-term damage.

I've seen other threads on here about it, but I know advice and practice changes over time, and keen to hear of others experiences. Thanks


  • I think everyone is different when it comes to these things and how they can manage the issue. All I can offer is some hope that its not all bad, even if you are told it is going to be.

    I had cycling accident 6 years ago where impact on hip pushed femoral head into Pelvis fracturing Acetabulum.
    Fantastic NHS doc bolted me back together but told me not to do any impact sports once recovered.
    Well I moved 3 years ago to live next to hills, and started running in them 18 months ago.

    Did a 50km ultra last year. Got up to the mountains to run Munros. I`m 51.

    I sent a message to the surgeon to thank him after running the ultra. He was chuffed to get the feedback and his comments were that `the human body is never quite predictable`
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