Does anybody here own a treadmill?

I'm looking into treadmills, as I was hoping to do some of my long marathon paced runs on one, and my gym nly lets you use them for 20 minutes at a time. Which sucks. Obviously. Does anybody here own a treadmill? I'm looking for recomendations?...

P.S. I know if your a subscriber, you can look at review in the RW+ section, but as I've noticed RW is getting a disturbing trend of 'recyling' their articles, I've decided the wisest decision for me would be not to subscribe. (look at this months 'speed-works' article. ITs nearly identical to a speedwork article published last year, nearly word-for-word!!!)


  • KorsaKing, I'm sure you have a very good reason for wanting to run on a treadmill but running on one for more than 30-45mins is horribly boring!!!! I find them fine for speedwork but even then you can't beat running outside!
  • I'm inclined to agree (get it, horrific pun entirely intended), but its not just a personal desire. Its a family purchase, as me ol' dear wants to get into shape, but is too embaressed to go out onto the roads at present, even though I've agreed to accompany her. A treadmill would allow her to get into shape first, & the added bonus would be, long runs at an even controlled pace i.e. marathon paced specific training. The horrible boringness of it may even be a bonus (???) for the mental stamina it would provide (according to Ingrid Christianson, or however ya' spell it...)
  • Pun enjoyed!!! Ahhh now I understand, I felt exactly the same as your ol'dear when I started hence my experience with boring treadmill running. During that time I considered buying one but back then, 4 years ago, they were mega expensive if you wanted one that went over 10kph. Things have changed now and they can be pretty reasonable I would suggest, as well as waiting for the advise of other forumites that have purchased one, finding a big sports shop that'll let you go in and test a few to compare because I do remember some of them feeling very strange underfoot and definitely not like the mega expensive ones that you find in the gym!!! Good Luck
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